D.C. No. 4 for bagel lovers, lawn care company says

Photo by Karen Galatz

Washington D.C. came in 4th for a list about places for bagel lovers? That’s right, lawn care company Lawn Love ranked 2022’s Best Cities for Bagel Lovers, highlighting large U.S. cities that have an abundance of high-quality bagel shops and an enthusiastic bagel-loving community and our region just happened to top the list!

In the late 19th century, Polish-Jewish immigrants arrived to the United States bringing along their rich culture and ring-shaped baked bread called bagels. The delicacy quickly became a popular breakfast food across the nation.

So it’s no surprise that the best places to get a bagel today tend to be in areas with the most Jewish people. The Washington metro area’s Jewish community is the third largest in the United States, according to the Steinhardt Social Research Institute.

The company ranked the cities based on three metrics: access to places that sell bagels, quality of those places taken from customer reviews and the number of times residents searched for bagels on search engines. They used Google analytics and TripAdvisor to help put together the list.


Of course, New York rolled into the top spot, dominating in every one of the list’s categories to receive an overall score of 87.74.

If you were wondering how other cities in the region ranked, they were pretty high on the list too!

Northern Virginia cities Alexandria and Arlington placed 19th and 34th, respectively. And Maryland’s Baltimore was rated 60th.

You can take a look at the full list at 2022’s Best Cities for Bagel Lovers – Lawn Care Blog | Lawn Love.

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