Didn’t earn an M.D.


I was incredibly disappointed to see that Washington Jewish Week chose to refer to the “29-year-old nonpracticing nurse and mother of three” who wished to remain anonymous as “M.D.” when the source was not in fact a medical doctor (“Bucking the vaccination norm,” WJW, Aug. 28). While the need to maintain anonymity in such a controversial topic is understandable, the use of the term “M.D.” to refer to a person who is not a physician is misleading, and is especially troubling in an article where every actual practicing medical professional, including a doctor, was in support of vaccinations.


Editor-in-Chief of Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School’s The Lion’s Tale
North Bethesda

Editor’s Note: The “M.D.” in question does not stand for “medical doctor” but rather are the initials of the person who would not allow her name to be used in the article.

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