Digital natives needed


For supporters of the Affordable Care Act, the difficulty faced by those enrolling in Maryland’s Health Insurance Exchange has been a disappointment. It is clear that, when it comes to health policy, it is not enough to have great ideas, a workable theory, and money to spend; knowledge of how to properly implement large scale IT projects is critical.

I am running for state delegate in Maryland as one of the next generation of politicians who are born digital natives, and for whom thinking about policy in terms of technology is not only essential but natural.

A recent piece in the WJW (“Eager pols seek to fill Frosh’s seat,” March 27) erroneously stated that I am currently campaigning full time. I work in health-care IT at Kaiser Permanente, and will bring that background, along with my prior experience as a policy adviser at the National Partnership for Women and Families and as a legislative aide in Annapolis, to the legislature at a time when knowledge of how to integrate policymaking with technology could not be more important.

A website where anyone can buy affordable, subsidized health insurance with excellent coverage options is a great idea. I still believe that it can be done effectively in Maryland, and I am encouraged by news that our state will get back on track by utilizing existing technology that has worked in Connecticut.

If elected to represent Montgomery County in Annapolis, my top priority is to ensure that health-care reform works and that costs come down.

Additionally, I will bring school construction dollars back to Montgomery County
so we have space in each school for every child. Finally, I will fight for robust investments in public utility and transportation infrastructure.

The writer is a Democratic candidate for delegate in Maryland District 16.

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