Dishonest campaign


The election of Larry Hogan as Maryland’s governor is a good example of what is wrong with American politics (Hogan in upset,” WJW, Nov. 6). Candidate Hogan’s campaign repeatedly criticized the O’Malley-Brown Administration for “tax increases.” Let’s look at the facts. In 2008-2009, the nation went through a great recession where millions of people lost their jobs and tax revenues plummeted. The federal government racked up trillion dollar deficits and 48 state governments were forced to raise taxes and reduce services.

In Maryland, Governor O’Malley, in consultation with Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature, raised taxes, reduced services, and balanced the state budget.

In his dishonest campaign, candidate Hogan repeatedly claimed that the O’Malley administration recklessly raised taxes. Exactly the opposite happened. Larry Hogan owes all Marylanders an apology for his dishonest and despicable campaign.

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