Distorted perspectives


Rabbi Suskin (“Whose side are we on?” Letters, WJW, April 17) declared that she is on the side of peace for Israel. So do others who are Zionists. The difference between members of Peace Now and most of the rest of us is that we: Want to see all sides treated ethically; respect the democratically elected government of Israel; recognize Israel’s autonomy; want to see sustainable peace.

Rabbi Suskin previously blamed settlements in Israel as preventing peace. Peace Now labeled Neve Ya’akov in eastern Jerusalem, illegal, despite that in 1924 the land it is on was purchased by Jews. Peace Now also designated Revava as an illegal settlement. This community took Peace Now to court. The land it was built on was proven to be owned by Jews, not Arabs as Peace Now claimed. Peace Now was fined 20,000 shekels (about $5,000.) and, according to FrontlineMag.com, ordered to apologize. Ma’ale Adumim was also falsely tarred as illegal by Peace Now.

Along with strategies geared to defaming settlers and weakening Israel’s support in the world, Peace Now in 2011 initiated a boycott of products produced in settlements. This year, Americans for Peace Now published a supplement to the Haggadah comparing Israel to Pharaoh and calling for Israel to vacate almost all holy sites.

Rabbi Suskin and her followers, secure in their American homes, confront Zionism by publicizing distorted perspectives on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and “illegal settlements.” Peace Now obscures Palestinian plans and actions geared to the demise of the Jewish state of Israel.



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