Don’t raise minimum wage


As to the editorial “Time to raise the minimum wage in Md.” (WJW, Sept. 12):

“Opponents of minimum wage argue that it will force employers to hire fewer workers to balance cost. We are not so sure. Costco has reported savings when paying above minimum wage.”

Your ideas on minimum wage are steeped in the leftist ideology that now pervades America. There is tyrannical DNA in the lifeblood of leftism. Just look at what has happened to the land of the free and home of the brave. Americans are passing 15,000 pages of Obamacare regulations and laws to tell each of the 300 million of us (except the politically well connected) how, when, and why to care for the health of everything.

Now the left protests outside of McDonald’s and writes in our Washington Jewish Week demanding hikes in the minimum wage. I, the anointed one, will order American employers negotiating for wages with a potential adult employee what the outcome must be. If said adult looking for his first job with minimal skills and education desires to accept the wages offered by said employer, and if that wage is below what the anointed, kind politician thinks is socially just, said contract may not be consummated.

This is not America; this is soft tyranny. This is an assault on liberty and wealth creation. It, like most leftist notions, has destructive consequences. It hurts our most vulnerable citizens like the poor and unskilled. It puts severe obstacles onto their first step up the ladder of opportunity to success.

I’d say to our kind and compassionate leftists, if you think the businessman you attack is hoarding his great profits from his worker then do something American about it.  — open a competing one and rake in a lot of the profit for yourself. And pay your lowest level employees five times minimum wage.That is the American way. That is real social justice.


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