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Nov. 27 is erev Chanukah and the next day is Thanksgivukkah, which means it’s time to start feasting. Treats that are sure to be a hit over the next eight days are sufganiyot of all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. It’s probably a fun experience to make your own variation of the jelly doughnut, experimenting with different fillings and toppings. But many of you may not have the time or be up to the task of making your own doughnuts. So where should you go to get some of the tastiest doughnuts this holiday? Here’s a roundup of doughnut venues in the area and how they stack up.

The basics: Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme

You can’t talk about doughnuts without mentioning the biggest doughnut chain in the world: Dunkin’ Donuts. Yes, this is highly unoriginal, but where else can you get a doughnut for less than a dollar? Although Dunkin’ is basically the McDonald’s of doughnuts, it has a wide variety of flavors and it loves to bring out limited editions for the changing holidays and seasons (Take, for example, its pumpkin pie doughnut). For Dunkin’ though, it’s probably best to get the chocolate or strawberry frosted, two simple yet tasty doughnuts. If you’re a chocolate lover, be sure to try the double chocolate frosted.

The other chain that’s worth mentioning is Krispy Kreme, and don’t let its gas station locations fool you. There are many flavors and varieties of this sweet Americana, but for old time’s sake, you have to try the original glazed doughnut. It’s a must.


Those keeping kosher might want to frequent Shalom Kosher in Silver Spring and Moti’s Market in Rockville for some sufganiyot. If you want to go with overall quality though, you’ll want to make your purchase at Shalom Kosher. The doughnuts there are massive, great for splitting with a friend or family member, and they’re as fresh as any doughnut could be. While Shalom Kosher’s regular jelly doughnut is great, the caramel filled, chocolate covered doughnut is one you can’t miss.

Again, these doughnuts are quite large, so if you’re looking for a smaller option, Moti’s offers mini jelly and custard donuts.

We’ve covered chains and grocery stores, but now it’s time to venture downtown and get a little more creative. Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken is the doughnut version of Crumbs cupcakes. Aside from having the everyday flavors of vanilla glazed, maple bacon, pb&j and creme brulee (recently named best doughnut in D.C. by The Washington Post), Astro offers four other specialty flavors each day, and specialty flavors for the holidays as well, including pecan pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie and a Chanukah-inspired jelly doughnut. Astro is located at 1308 G Street, N.W. For a look at its menu, go to astrodoughnuts.com and for specials updates, go to facebook.com/AstroDoughnuts.

Another option for specialty Chanukah doughnuts is DGS Delicatessen, a DuPont Circle venue that specializes in Jewish-American cuisine. In the spirit of the holiday, DGS will sell $6 three-piece doughnut orders all week. You can choose from pastry cream, grape preserves or Nutella, or you can choose one of each. DGS is located at 1317 Connecticut Ave, N.W. For more information, go to dgsdelicatessen.com.

Since it’s Thanksgivukkah, your best bet is to get doughnuts from each of these venues. After all, this special holiday will never happen again in your lifetime, so you might as well spend it stuffing your face with some delicious sufganiyot. Chag sameach!

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