Enemy of Judaism


In the article “Is Jerusalem the capital of Israel?” (WJW, Oct. 16), law professor Bruce Ledewitz invokes Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s “deep ties to the Jewish community,” I have no doubt, as the classic saying goes, that someof Justice Scalia’s “(best) friends are Jews.”

For example, Nathan Lewin (also mentioned in this piece), was a law school classmate of his. And Scalia and Justice Ginsburg often attend the opera together.

But make no mistake about it: despite Justice Scalia’s protestations that the First Amendment means that “no one religion should be favored over another,” on the bench he is a documented enemy of Judaism. To wit,  in the Mojave Desert Cross case (Salazar v. Buono), under Scalia’s tutelage, the Supreme Court effectively ruled that the Christian cross was a universal symbol andtherefore appropriate to adorn the gravestones of all deceased U.S. soldiers – including Jews! Yes, the same cross under whose aegis the Crusaders massacred Jews throughout Europe. 

Justice Scalia is no barefoot hick; quite the contrary: the son of a college professor, he is an extremely cosmopolitan and well-read individual. And a devout, old-style Roman Catholic.


Therefore, the only logical explanation for his blithe dismissal of the validity and theological bona fides of the Jewish faith, would be a faithful adherence to Catholicism’s pre-Vatican II supersessionist theology.

Pikesville, Md.

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