Eugene Mirman tops Chanu-Comedy night


eugenemirman_pic_1Chanukah is a happy holiday, well suited to laughter, which is why Sixth & I Historic Synagogue is hosting their second annual Chanu-Comedy night on Dec. 4 at 8 p.m., this year featuring comedian Eugene Mirman along with Kurt Braunohler and Derrick Brown.

Mirman, best known for his role as Gene on the Fox animated show Bob’s Burgers, acts and performs in diverse media. He appeared on Flight of the Conchord’s, has had two Comedy central stand-up specials and wrote a parody of self-help books titled The Will to Whatevs, a book deadpan enough it’s possible to imagine it being taken as serious advice.

“I like the idea of being the master of sarcastic irony,” he said.

It’s his stand-up act that he is best known for however, and has garnered him the title of Best New York City Comedian from the Village Voice among other accolades.

“It’s mostly about different stuff that happens to me,” Mirman said. “Mostly stuff that I’m frustrated with.”

Mirman, who was born in the Soviet Union to Jewish parents, does not explicitly go for the Jewish angle in his humor but he has made some references to his background as in his short video “Things I Learned on Birthright” where he shares wisdom from Israel

Some lessons include: “I learned why the hummus in Israel is so good, they get it from Trader Joe’s,” and “I learned that camels don’t like being called lumpy horses, but they do like to be called hornless unicorns.”

Chanu-Comedy will take place Dec. 4th at 8 p.m. at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue. For tickets, visit:

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