Extended cease-fire


Dmitry Shapiro’s article “Anatomy of a cease-fire” (WJW, Aug. 28) is a good update on what has become an extended cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. What is striking about it is a lack of cohesion, particularly in trying to address Israeli short-term and long-term security needs.

If I were Prime Minister Netanyahu, I would have first insisted that the flow of commercial goods into Gaza be allowed, as long as the Palestinian Authority controls all points of commercial entry into and out of Gaza. Hamas must abolish its military wing, and only exist as a political organization. If it insists on maintaining an armed wing, it should only exist as an integrated part of the Palestinian Authority police force, serving under the direction of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

As for Israel’s security needs, there should be international monitoring led by some combination of members of NATO countries, the European Union and Jordan. They should be conducting periodic inspections into Gaza to ensure that there are no stockpiles of long-range missiles, building of tunnels, etc., that could threaten the security of Israel.

If all of the above fails, Israel’s next invasion should be the reoccupation of Gaza.


Silver Spring

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