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With the High Holidays falling so early this year, Jewish fashionistas will have to think of a different occasion to showcase their fall wardrobe. However, there are ways to mix up and accessorize summer ensembles for shul and other special occasions that make them look a little different, and a little more ready for fall.

One crucial accessory: the scarf. It has been a long time since scarves have only been used for bundling up during the winter. The perfect way to create a more fall-appropriate outfit without being too heavy is to add a lightweight scarf. There are circle scarves, which you can loop around your neck but also manipulate to  cover your shoulders for synagogue. Debbie Machado-Santos from Lord and Taylor at White Flint suggests a bronze or burnt orange, purple, and copper, among others.

“Purple and orange look especially nice together, and dark pink and black are going to be very in this fall,” she said.

These colors would look gorgeous with a coral dress from the summer, and give it an in-between summer and fall look.

To wear a scarf like a shawl, buy a 48 inch by 52 inch scarf and fold it crosswise so the edges are longer towards the front and drape over the shoulders. For synagogue, you can fasten the ends with a broach, whether it is a new piece you want to show off or a classic heirloom from a relative.

It may be a little too early for boots, but by the time the holidays roll around it will be time to wind down open-toed sandals and start wearing closed-toed pumps and high heels. Clara Love, a personal stylist for Bloomingdale’s in Chevy Chase, is showing her clients suede and patent leather shoes from Michael by Michael Kors and designer Ferragamo. For those who don’t have an endless shoe budget, wear the shoes you wore last year. Bright colors are still in, as is classic black to match with anything.

If you switch up your purses from season to season, the first week in September will be a good time to take out the fall and put away the summer. Machado-Santos suggests an orange or the classic tan color with a solid, square shape.

“Coach has some rich brown leather bags that are simple with a little bit of a gold accent or tassel that make it fall-ish,” she said.

As for jewelry, rose gold is the trend to watch for this fall. Leather bands mixed with rose gold in warmer tones, such as a mustard yellow, would change an outfit’s look instantly. Going along with the chunky jewelry we have been seeing lately, pearls are coming back in a beautiful, iridescent color. A chunky pearl necklace with a little bit of a shine to it and with a golden clasp will match perfectly with a chocolate brown dress and any other warm, earth tones.

If you want to change up your makeup to make yourself look different, try a glossy or matted red-brown color, like MAC’s Viva Glam 3 lipstick. Machado-Santos suggests if you are going to go a little heavier on eye makeup, use a nude or more neutral color, like Mac’s Viva Glam 6. For a bold look, you can go light on the eye makeup and wear a red lipstick with a little more of an orange tone that will really pop.

According to Machado-Santos, “This look is very Chanel.”

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