Five more Jewish podcasts you should add to your rotation

Podcasts are great to listen to anytime, anywhere. Photo credit-Pexels

Podcasts are still pretty popular; there are new ones coming out all the time and plenty that may be flying under your radar. Especially Jewish ones. With such a niche audience, you might think that the market would be full. But that’s not
the case.

If you’re looking for something new to add to add to your rotation of Jewish podcasts, here are five more podcasts you should try out.

Wholly Jewish

This a brand-new podcast (only two episodes have been produced so far) that talks “to people about their different identities, and how those identities intersect with their Judaism. Or, in other words, what makes them Jewish-and-and.”
Former vice president for the Union for Reform Judaism April Baskin talks to Jewish people of color about their experiences growing up when their identities don’t fit the standard Jewish-American narrative.

Two Nice Jewish Boys

With 130 episodes out so far, and more on the way, there’s plenty of content for this podcast. Every week, the two hosts of this English-language podcast, Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein, interview somebody interesting from Israel. Past guests have included chefs, a grandson of a Nazi who helps Holocaust survivors, and people battling BDS. Not all of the guests are Jewish, but there’s amazing diversity in the people they talk to.

This podcast is featured by the Jewish Journal.

(Is it) Good for the Jews?

Hosted by Larry Rosen and Eric Goldbrener, the show has a very simple premise: Is [X] Good for the Jews? Every week explores a different question, with plenty of irreverent commentary from the hosts and their guests.

Past explorations have included whether things like hip-hop, the Women’s March, Howard Schultz’s (now failed) presidential bid and Ilhan Omar are good for the Jews or not. Plenty entertaining, the show is less like a podcast and more like listening to those two guys in your friend group go off topic for the millionth time, while you and the others take bets on how it will end.


A podcast about everything millennial and Jewish. Though the show claims not to have the answers for how Judaism and contemporary culture intersect or which trends are defining the decade right now, the way it explores its topics is entertaining.
The show is hosted by Bryan Schwartzman and Rachael Burgess of “Reconstructing Judaism.”

Jew Oughta Know

This podcast focuses on the history of the Jewish people, focusing on things you should know; covering the basics to the more obscure, this is a podcast that can appeal to anyone who wants to learn about the ins and outs of Jewish history from around the world.

The podcast is hosted by Jason Harris, who may as well be an expert; he’s led 13 Birthright trips, an experience that made him recognize that many people feel like they can’t participate fully in Jewish life without all the answers. The goal of the podcast is to answer every question he’s been asked.

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