For president, Joe Biden

Joe Biden
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden (Photo by Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons)

We are in the midst of a presidential election like no other in our lifetime.

Although the structure of the race is familiar — two major political party slates contesting one another, and several fringe competitors — the real focus in this election has little to do with the issues and policies that differentiate the contestants. Instead, we are in the unique circumstance where this presidential election turns on voter opinion of the incumbent, President Donald Trump, and whether he has the character, fitness, temperament and competence to lead us for another four years.

We all know that there are those who love Trump, and those who don’t. That is to be expected in any political race involving multiple party representatives. But what is different this year is that even voters who otherwise might be sympathetic to a more conservative approach to government are weighing whether they want four more years of Trump, or whether they have had enough.

We fall solidly in the camp that has had enough. We believe that a change in presidential leadership is necessary for the good of our country, and for the continuation of our democratic system of government.

We are not unaware that in nearly four years in office, Trump has accrued several accomplishments — many of which are particularly appreciated by members of our community. And we acknowledge that, in the process, Trump has been remarkably faithful to his base and has delivered on many of his campaign promises. But that is all beside the point. That’s because irrespective of our views on each of the policy issues, we cannot ignore Trump’s frightening character flaws and inclinations that have infected his presidency.

The concerns are many, and each is significant. Trump’s narcissism, isolationism, fearmongering and promotion of hate and demagoguery reflect a troubling combination of personality flaws and political tactics that are unbecoming of the leader of the free world. His inability to engage civilly with opponents, wholly uninformed rejection of science and medical guidance, and unrepentant disregard for the truth leaves voters with little choice but to consider alternatives. Finally, Trump’s disdain for process, disrespect for historic international and domestic governing structures and procedures, moody unpredictability and flip-flops on policy issues, incessant public criticism of those with whom he disagrees — including his own administration’s leadership — and cavalier practice of governing by tweet, all contribute to the perception that Trump’s world is untethered from reality and places our
government and each of us at risk.

Trump’s America is not the America we want.

Fortunately, we have a quality alternative. Joe Biden is a decent, kind and caring human being, a longtime friend of our community and a steady presence and experienced hand who can restore civility, kindness and compassion to our domestic discourse and who can represent America ably and credibly in the international community.

As a senator, Biden led from the center, across party lines, and was universally liked and respected. As vice president to the first African American president, he demonstrated an ability to lead effectively in an increasingly multicultural America. And as president, we believe he will bring integrity, civility and compassion to the White House. He will listen to scientists and other experts when it comes to fighting the coronavirus and climate change. He will use taxation and government spending to address serious domestic policy issues. And we hope that he will use his bully pulpit in today’s times of uncertainty as a platform to unite our fractured country and reform and reconstruct our civic institutions.

Joe Biden is a mensch. He is someone we know and respect. Biden has demonstrated the ability to learn from mistakes and evolve with changing times, even at the age of 77. And he is fortunate to have an intelligent, dynamic running mate in Sen. Kamala Harris.

The choice is simple. We endorse Democrat Joe Biden for president.

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  1. I understand that people don’t like Trump’s personality. But to go from there to saying that the election is about two individuals is missing the objective.
    The election is about two different platforms, both in domestic affairs and in foreign policy.
    Higher taxes when the country is already groaning under the stress of this virus, more government regulations, the targeted attack on the oil industry leading to millions out of work instead of allowing change to come more gradually, the increasingly heavy hand of government to regulate our private lives including health care, education (opposition to charter schools), and handouts that are demeaning to the recipients.
    In foreign policy Trump is the first president to stand up to China and Iran.
    Trumps achievement in the Middle East is nothing short of miraculous and it brings peace and stability to a very volatile region. You don’t even have to be Jewish to appreciate that. Ditto for his successful diplomatic breakthrough between Serbia and Kosovo — it was not so long ago that our democratic president Clinton dropped bombs on that region. The lowest unemployment in this country before the virus hit, and we will have that again, bringing prosperity to the less educated segments of our society.
    I am not even mentioning the corruption and the scandals involving Biden and his family, a corruption that verges on treason. It’s exactly what Hillary did with her Foundation: pay to play, pay for access and for favors. That’s one reason I could not vote for her either. And now you would have Biden and his party that includes the anti-Semite and anti-Israel Omar and her mentor Farrakhan jammed down our throats? And her supporter Speaker Pelosi who never disciplined her, but is supporting her. And you want us to vote for that destructive bunch? No thank you.
    Edith M. Cord, a Holocaust Survivor from Columbia, MD


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