WJW endorses McAuliffe for Va. governor

Terry McAuliffe

In the race for governor Virginians are faced with two imperfect candidates.  One, Terry McAuliffe, a business man who cut his teeth nationally as a fund raiser extraordinaire for the Democratic National Committee and for Bill and Hillary Clinton, has little government experience.  The other, Ken Cuccinelli, currently the Attorney General for the state, has government experience but  has used his bully pulpit to push his own personal point of view.

Mr. Cuccinelli’s far right social agenda is not consistent with the best interests of the citizens of Virginia.  Especially in a state that is increasingly trending “blue”. Based on his past history as Attorney General we have little doubt that he would use his position as governor to continue to implement his social agenda.

On the other hand we view McAuliffe as more mainstream  and we would be hopeful that he would use the same persuasive skills as a fundraiser to work with a legislature that is likely to continue to be in Republican hands. McAuliffe will need to be nimble in his dealings with this legislature.  Hopefully he will have learned a thing or two from his close friend, Bill Clinton

We endorse Terry McAuliffe for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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  1. The Daily Kos, a very left leaning publication published the following in July 2012 regarding Terry. It was published with a notation, In Support of Labor and Unions. It is not an attractive picture of Terry, but it is True.


    No way to put lipstick on this pig: Terry McAuliffe embodies everything that’s horribly wrong with American politics, business, and government in 2012.

    To whit: McAuliffe was a young business hustler with a glad-handing, back-slapping, used car salesman style from the get-go. He got rich by investing $100,000 in Global Crossing, and cashing out millions. If the name Global Crossing doesn’t ring a bell, here’s the deal: it was a loathsome scam chartered in Bermuda that bought up a bunch of regional phone companies, forced employees to pack their retirement funds with company stock, squeezed every last nickel out of the companies, then froze employees’ pension funds while the executives cashed out all their stock days ahead of the collapse. Just exactly like Enron. The CEO walked away with hundreds of millions. The employees were raped, left penniless with their pensions destroyed. That’s how Terry got rich.

    Now, Terry McAuliffe is running a start-up electric car company nominally based in Mississippi. But the signature product, the ‘MyCar’, is being manufactured in…wait for it…I’m sure you can’t guess….China! Dingdingding! We have a winner: Terry is trying to get even richer by moving another American industry to China.

    And to grease the skids for his excellent adventure, Terry is pulling in all his markers, everything he can glean from his famous 18,000 name Rolodex. That’s why he has a beaming Bill Clinton and a grinning Haley Barbour photographed with him in the Mississippi Potemkin factory standing in for the actual Chinese manufacturer.

    Everything that’s wrong with America’s smug leadership/plutocrat class: rich white guys yucking it up for the camera as they work on getting even richer via offshore’d production, while America’s middle class slips ever deeper into poverty, Colorado burns, Midwest corn withers, and the ice caps melt.

  2. I have to agree with MDR: “Everything that’s wrong with America’s smug leadership/plutocrat class.” Same old thing, or, as WJW describes him, “more mainstream.”

    Why does WJW insist, then, “In the race for governor Virginians are faced with two imperfect candidates.” Virginia is faced with three candidates. WJW should have considered Robert Sarvis, who is neither “same old thing” as well as a strong critic of Cuccinelli’s social agenda.” You don’t have to endorse, but at least show that you were willing to consider a strong candidate who has significant support.


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