Regarding “What do you do with a Jewish racist,” about Los Angeles’ Clippers owner Donald Sterling (WJW, May 8), actually, none of the stories I read or heard on the radio and TV— until this one — emphasized, or even mentioned, Sterling’s ethnicity. (I did hear the dialogue snippet about Israel once.) Recounting Jewish involvement in the civil rights struggle sounds, in this context, highly defensive and totally unnecessary.


Reference to events a half century ago seems a bit silly at this point. That’s decades before NBA players and most of audience were born. It would make more sense for Jewish leadership to impress on Sterling his need to apologize and quickly sell out the team. Then go quietly into the sunset.


Regarding “David Harris-Gershon, outside the tent” (WJW, May 8), it is worth noting that while Harris-Gershon said that his attempts to visit the terrorist and the terrorist’s family were driven by a desire to learn more about the attack in which his wife was injured, his quest to learn more about the attack did not include any attempts to visit the families of the other victims of the attack (and there were plenty of other victims). I guess that doing so would not help him heal and would not help his political narrative.


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