‘Girls’ Season 3, Episode 10 Recap: ‘Role-Play’

HBO/Mark Schafer
HBO/Mark Schafer

The debacle concerning Hannah’s grandmother’s death from last week’s episode (that I failed to recap, sorry folks) has been completely wiped off the face of the Girls universe, as do many important events on this show, including Adam’s sister Caroline, who hasn’t been seen or spoken of since Hannah kicked her out. I guess we’re supposed to just go with the lack of continuity?

Either way, last night’s episode “Role-Play” was decent, silly-funny and definitely lived up to its title. And, who knows, maybe we are getting a little continuity and Hannah’s actions are just exemplary of the aftermath of her losing a family member.


Guys, Hannah got white-girl wasted last night. We’ve all been there, so we really can’t judge. The awkward scenario in all of this was that she had to spend the night at her GQ coworker’s apartment; the one who obviously has a crush on her. What made things more awkward was Adam’s lack of concern when Hannah returned home the next morning, telling him that she spent the night at another guy’s place.


Adam was too busy focusing on his upcoming play to deal with Hannah’s usual drama and didn’t even want to have post-shower sex with her. Hannah’s solution to the lack of spice in their sex life? Role play. And role play she did, donning a blonde wig and pretending to be the wife of a hedge fund manager, living in Marnie’s apartment (which apparently smelled like cookie dough and air freshener).

At first, Adam went along with the gig, but when Hannah called him the “school weirdo” who wanted to f–k the popular cheerleader (her), the mood died. The two got into an argument, the highlight of this episode, about how Hannah’s life is serving as a distraction for Adam, who is now moving into Ray’s apartment. The kicker is that it sounded like he had been planning this move for a while. Hannah is obviously distraught, with Adam not understanding that her drama is just who she is. It’s her life right now, which doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. It’s a real gut punch for Hannah, who’s begun to realize that she and Adam may have not known each other as well as they thought.


While Marnie’s beanie served as a distraction for me the entire episode, her story did start to get a move on. She approached Soojin about becoming her assistant in opening an art gallery, and also bonded with One Tree Hill guy (OK, his name is Desi) over singing and songwriting.

It’s clear Marnie may be on the path to the success she wants to achieve, but something tells me by the end of this season, only one of these two developments will work out for her (I’m calling the relationship with Desi). Oh and did I mention that beanie? The worst.

Jessa & Shoshanna

These two obviously got paired together because Shoshanna up and staged an intervention for Jessa and Jasper, by inviting his estranged British daughter (Felicity Jones) to dinner in an effort to separate these loonies who aren’t good for each other.

And, much to Jessa’s disapproval, Shosh’s plan worked. Jasper’s daughter convinced him to not hang out with Jessa, and Jessa accepted defeat by smoking a cigarette and looking like a junkie, according to Shosh. “I am,” Jessa replied. It’s actually a pretty sad scene, showcasing how quickly Jessa’s addiction came back to bite her.

Stray hairs

– The best way to eat a burrito is to eat it in bed, as presented by Elijah and Hannah (minus the unflattering bandanas).

– “What drama? This is just me.” “Exactly.” Burn.

– “He treats me like an ottoman with a vagina.”

– “Wow, you’ve got a lot of darkness in you.” “A lot of that is stuff I wrote on Ambien.”

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