‘Girls’ Season 3, Episode 12 Recap: ‘Two Plane Rides’

HBO/Marc Schafer
HBO/Marc Schafer

And just like that, Season 3 of Girls is at an abrupt end. And when I mean abrupt, I mean it felt like there should have been ten more minutes in the episode.

In general, this was definitely a stronger season than Season 2, mainly because we got to see all of our girls in (mostly) different situations. Marnie and Adam were going steady, Jessa was dealing with her drug addiction and Shosh was trying to balance her wild child lifestyle with schoolwork. We would’ve seen Marnie going steady as well, but Christopher Abbott’s departure from the show put a damper on that. Luckily, this gave us Marnie and Ray’s entertaining side fling.

So how did the girls’ Season 3 journeys end? Surprisingly and seemingly, with cliffhangers. While “Two Plane Rides” was a decent finale, it didn’t feel over. It felt like Season 3 part one. It sort of gave the impression that next season will pick up almost right where this season left off. But then again, Lena Dunham likes to do whatever she wants with this show, so this might not be the case.

In terms of closure, Hannah was closest too it: She was happy. For once, she was genuinely happy about where she was in life and life itself. And it was a joy to see, especially after how despicable she’d been this season.



So Hannah got into grad school at the prestigious University of Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop. Her friends and her parents (especially) were ecstatic. And guess who wasn’t? Adam. And in a strangely ironic twist, Hannah ended up being the one to possibly initiate their inevitable breakup with her decision to attend Iowa. Adam moving out of the apartment seemed like the deal breaker, but in the end, he got a taste of his own medicine.

Hannah purposefully told Adam the big news before he went on stage, which caused him to think he did a bad job, although everyone genuinely thought he did great. But since he didn’t think he was the shit, he decided to unleash his anger on Hannah in the alley outside the theater.

While the two didn’t officially break up, they’re definitely on the verge. And one of Adam’s theater buddies (played by the hilarious Jenny Mollen) seemed to be getting quite cozy with her costar.


Marnie, Marnie, Marnie. Here’s what Marnie hasn’t learned this season: to not hook up with guys who’ve dated your friends or who currently have girlfriends. This won’t end well, but girl doesn’t seem to care anymore.

She first told an already enraged Shoshanna that she slept with Ray, then she had a hot encounter with Desi in the dressing room, only to be confronted by Clementine in the bathroom. But for some reason, Marnie seems to be completely content and happy with her state of being. And that’s fine, I guess? The last we see of her she’s hardcore creeping on Desi and Clementine in a heated argument, presumably over her.


Shosh broke my heart in this episode. Like, when she was crying, I was basically crying. All little Shosh wants to do is be successful and have a nice man, and some fun on the side. And where does that fun get her? Without a diploma.

Her decision to party hard this season resulted in her missing three credits necessary for her to graduate from NYU, and girl was pissed. Marnie made the situation worse when she told her about Ray. Then she decided to confront Ray and spill out her feelings in a teary-eyed confession. She wanted him back; she was a better person with him. But unfortunately for her, Ray has moved on. This is Shosh’s rock bottom y’all. Someone send her a One Direction poster.


I can’t even with Jessa’s storyline tonight. It was, in typical Jessa style, completely out of place and it ended on an actual, TV drama-style cliffhanger. Beadie (Louise Lasser) had hired Jessa as an assistant in last week’s episode, but it was really just to get Jessa to help her kill herself. Because, you know, Jessa really does seem like the type who would know where to get those kind of drugs.

Jessa pondered the decision and decided to put the sick Beadie out of her misery, until Beadie decided that she no longer wanted to die. AFTER she took the drugs. So we left off with Jessa calling 911, and if this show decides to keep it real, she’ll be facing a possible arrest.

Stray hairs

– Out of nowhere, Caroline is back. She and Laird are together now. And she’s pregnant. Yes, that Caroline. Adam’s crazy sister who breaks glasses with her bare hands. She’ll make a great mother, and she can already tell that she’s having a girl thanks to labias!

– Elijah was perfect as the Broadway bitch tonight. Knowing all the celebs at the show and wearing a blazer-suit shorts getup. Here’s to more Elijah next season.

– “I’d have to find friends. I’d have to find a new place to buy yogurt.” — Hannah, on the downside to moving to Iowa.

– “You’re gonna buy me some M&MS and we’re gonna have a f**king chat.”

– “I have to say, I don’t see this ending well for you, though. I’m really intuitive about these things. I’ve predicted two of my friends’ divorces, one pregnancy and a couple natural disasters.”

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