‘Girls’ Season 3, Episode 5 Recap: ‘Only Child’

Jessica Miglio/HBO
Jessica Miglio/HBO

I’m afraid this will be a premature statement, but whatever: Season 3 of Girls is finally starting to hit its stride. After last week’s stellar installment, which may have well been called “Hannah Horvath is a Monster,” this week’s “Only Child” was even better. A couple of our girls got some much-needed reality checks, which opened up new story lines and set some groundwork for the rest of the season. Case in point: Hannah almost getting the book deal of her dreams.


So we began with some continuity, with Hannah and Adam attending David’s funeral, which led to Hannah meeting David’s wife (played by Jennifer Westfeldt). That’s right you guys. David had a wife who he lived with and he was only sometimes gay. Hannah, of course, only cared about locking eyes with some of the big-name writers in attendance and about the fate of her book deal, after David’s wife informed her that the e-book company had dropped all of the current projects. When Hannah asked how to keep her e-book alive, David’s wife took the hint and offered to give Hannah a new publishing company if she’d leave (actually, it was more like “get the fuck out.”)

Hannah successfully set up an interview with a new company and her interview with a very enthusiastic publisher and her assistant went well, as they offered to publish her stories in a real live book, not just an e-book. Hannah celebrated with some ice cream and called her dad, who put a damper on the news in the snap of a finger. It turns out, the contract she had signed with David’s company had the rights to her book for three years, so the new book offer was a no go.


Hannah was devastated, because in her mind, three years is like a million years, so she took her anger out on Caroline by kicking her out of the apartment. Adam was rightfully upset, even though earlier in the episode it seemed he and his sister wanted to kill each other, a problem Hannah had been trying to fix. This is definitely going to put a strain on their relationship, but more importantly, Hannah’s book deal fallout may have taught her the valuable lesson that her life could be constantly full of set backs.


So. We all knew this was coming right? Marnie showing up at Ray’s new place, asking him to tell her what’s wrong with her, since that’s sort of what he does on the reg anyway. This could only have led to sex, followed by them both wanting to keep the event on the down low. While I’m excited to see how their newfound relationship unfolds, I’m more excited to see what happens when Shoshanna inevitably finds out.


Speaking of Shosh, she’s still being sorely underused. She was paired with Jessa in this episode, and pretty much served to give some funny one-liners and explain how her recent wild child actions are lowering her GPA. She did, however, refreshingly call Jessa out on her shit.


Jessa is still being sort of worthless and has apparently tried to change her life for the better by sitting around all day in Shoshanna’s apartment, watching Forensic Files and smoking a water vapor cigarette. Shoshanna totally understands why Jessa’s friend faked her own death to get away from her, something Jessa still can’t fathom. Later though, Jessa saw a random children’s boutique and decided she’d apply for a job there. Jessa, working at a place that involves children? Actually, Jessa working in customer service period? This is going to be a disaster. In the wise words of Shoshanna, “You have a criminal record!”

Stray hairs

– “He’s like a Subway sandwich franchise lawyer.”

– Mindy Kaling holds back? Those are fighting words.

– That publisher and her assistant had a very “Dr. Evil” laugh going on.

–  “He had gay apps on his phone and liked to show his ankles. But what does that even mean in this day and age?”

– “If you’re serious about improving yourself, you need to do more than like, smoke dwarf cigarettes. You need to like, grocery shop and condition your hair.”

– Trying to figure out what is going on with Caroline’s hair each week is getting to be stressful.

– Marnie actually made a great life choice with that kitten, a.k.a., “the cutest thing that ever lived.”

– Hannah’s lizard belly shirt. I just…can’t.

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