‘Girls’ Season 3, Episode 8: ‘Incidentals’

HBO/Mark Schafer
HBO/Mark Schafer

Admit it. There have been times when something amazingly successful has happened to one of your friends and you just weren’t as happy as you should’ve been about it. Why? Because there was always the chance that this life-changing event would change your friend, and in your opinion, change them for the worst.

Hannah’s worries about Adam’s success in “Incidentals” was the first time her selfishness was actually understandable, for me at least. After multiple people told her that Adam would become a completely different person after he was cast in a Broadway show and it would ruin their relationship, Hannah had the right to not be so happy about him getting the part. Apart from Hannah’s ordeal, the rest of this episode was kind of just “meh,” and that may partly be because it’s hard to follow after last week’s explosive ending (which, by the way, apparently never happened because the girls were all just fine and dandy with each other this week).


Remember when Patti LuPone appeared on American Horror Story: Coven and how disappointing it was? She was sorely underused, and it’s amazing how she managed to steal the show in under less than five minutes on Girls. Hannah was supposed to interview the legendary singer, who ended up canceling at the last minute. But Hannah, being Hannah, decided to show up at LuPone’s rehearsal and do the interview anyway.


Basically, the interview turned into a spiel from LuPone on how Adam getting the Broadway part would make him a different person and ruin their relationship. In Hannah’s words, LuPone “f**ked with her head” and had her worrying the rest of the episode and throughout Adam’s surprise party she and Elijah threw together.

Adam’s handsome new folk-singer friend Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), who also got a part in the Broadway play, gave him a ride on his motorcycle and joined the party (get your minds out of the gutter). Seeing this new, hipster friend, who Adam, Elijah, Shosh and Marnie were so enthralled with, threatened Hannah in a way that gave LuPone’s crazy talk some resonance.

In the end, though, Hannah remained seemingly happy for Adam and reassured him in a bathtub. The second time an episode has ended with Hannah and someone else in a bathtub having an emotional heart to heart. I love this show.


In predictable fashion, Ray broke up with Marnie. Because he wants a girlfriend, not someone who he kind of hates and secretly hangs out and has sex with. On the outside, Marnie took this well but in the bathroom, she broke down crying. Desi was there to make everything better though, with his tender voice and hipster looks. Marnie was immediately infatuated, as expected. Is this going to bloom into something new? Will Marnie finally be happy? Let’s hope so. Sad Marnie is getting a little tiresome.


For me, the scene of the week goes to Jessa when she was bored at work and dressing up/tormenting the mannequins (LOL at when she put a noose around its neck). Her crazy, druggie-stalker guy from rehab showed up to eliminate that boredom though, and they ended up snorting a bunch of coke after recovering hidden money in a shoebox in the baby fashion store. Such a Jessa move.


Shosh had a Shosh bun this week. That’s all.

HBO/Jessica Miglio
HBO/Jessica Miglio

Stray hairs

– Marnie ran into Soo-Jin, Booth Jonathan’s former assistant, at a fro-yo shop. Remember her? Yeah, I don’t really either, but she’s opening a successful art exhibit so Marnie immediately wanted to be friends with her. Marnie also has an AOL address. The worst.

– Totally understandable as to why Adam was super annoyed with Elijah explaining the ins and outs Broadway life, when Adam is already more successful than Elijah. But I did enjoy the line, “Don’t come crying to me when Kristin Chenoweth passes out because you forgot to feed her.”

– Hannah, honey. Don’t answer your phone in the middle of an interview, rescheduled by you, with Patti LuPone.

– “Blue Crush was such an important movie for women.”

– “Are you afraid he’s gonna leave you, for like, Sutton Foster?”

– Jessa’s “Here’s Johnny!” had me dying.

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