Good column


Very good Editor’s Notebook (“A study in contrast,” WJW, July 24) on Israel’s gifts to the world.

I have been lecturing for the past year or so on orienting all the Israel advocacy organizations to start doing hasbara to the American public, as opposed to just Jews, that is geared toward Israel’s accomplishments in energy, medical advancements, agricultural methods to help developing countries feed their people, etc., rather than borders, historical timelines, etc. – items that are not impactful and do not grab one’s attention.

Americans by their nature love to hear about accomplishments, and, as you wrote, Israel has plenty. But those Israeli accomplishments have not been well publicized by the Jewish community.

This is the PR/hasbara that is needed to build a real base of support for Israel – messages on sides of buses, TV/radio spots, ads in newspapers, magazines, outdoor billboards and in subway stations.


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