GOP against ‘Happy Holidays’


Looks like liberals, which of course includes those Democratic-favoring, Obama-loving Jews, just don’t know how to celebrate a great national holiday like Christmas the way the National Republican Congressional Committee wants them to.

A T-shirt reading “Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say” had been on sale at the NRCC web store but is no longer being offered. A picture of that shirt was put up on Twitter Nov. 29 and can still be seen on the NRCC’s Twitter page. A post of the shirt on its Facebook page had received 548 “likes” as of Monday.

While there were many supporters of the Twitter posting, two replies included “Meet the ‘more inclusive’ GOP” and “It’s Chanukah. NRCC to Jews: FU.”

And to think Guy Harrison, NRCC executive director, signs off on his website with his own unspecific Christmas message — “Again, thank you for your continued support and I hope you have a happy and healthy Holiday Season.” One has to wonder why he didn’t wish all his followers a Merry Christmas.

The NRCC and the Republican Jewish Coalition chose to keep mum on the holiday T-shirt.
For those interested in purchasing a less poignant T-shirt, the NRCC has “I’m Not Afraid to Say ‘Merry Christmas’” for only $39.95. It comes in the holiday-appropriate colors of red and green.

Suzanne Pollak

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  1. I agree with the Republicans. Hannukah is not Christmas, and Christmas is not Hannukah. Wish me a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hannukah. I hate the liberal idea that “we are all the same.” We are not.


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