Gross injustice


After recollecting this week’s newspapers, it is time to protest the gross injustice performed against Israel regularly by The Washington Post.

In one edition, the Post published a full-page article and photos of a pro-Palestinian rally in D.C. attended by 100 people. Elsewhere, it published photos and articles about the results of Hamas using its population as human shields but claimed this to be Israeli aggression.

Yet nowhere in the paper was last Thursday’s pro-Israel rally covered. More than 1,000 people, including congressmen and leaders of the Jewish and Christian communities attended that rally. Ever since the war began, the Post has seen fit to make Israel the villain. The photos used did more damage than the written words. This has been a common practice by the Post.

What prompted me to write this letter was the column by Gary Rosenblatt in the New York Jewish Week dated July 18. He takes The New York Times to task for its alleged equal handling of the positions of both sides. The headline for his column read “New York Times’ Parallels Are Forced, And False.” Mr. Rosenblatt took the Times to task for its distortions of the truth in the situation in Israel and Gaza.

It is time for WJW to take a close look at the bias of The Washington Post and confront it just as Mr. Rosenblatt has done with The New York Times. Our letter writing campaigns through Camera and the JCRCGW have done little to bring this bias to a head. Not even such columns as the one by Charles Krauthammer this past week are taken into consideration by the reporters and editors of the Post. It is time to meet this issue head-on.


Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington board member

Silver Spring

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