GWU campus meets in wake of anti-Semitic student video

The GW Hillel Photo by Samantha Cooper

Students shared their experiences with anti-Semitism Tuesday at a meeting called by the George Washington University Student Association. Nearly 100 people, including students and school officials, attended the meeting, which included a discussion about how to prevent and respond to anti-Semitic incidents on campus, according to the GW Hatchet, the student newspaper.

The meeting was scheduled about a week after a Snapchat video that called for violence against Israel and Jews, and which featured GW students, was circulated on social media, according to the student newspaper.

At the meeting, Max Webb, the president of GW for Israel, said, “For many students on this campus who have any connection to Israel, the comments made in that Snapchat video struck a different chord, a fear that we live with every day.”

In the seven-second Snapschat video, a male off-screen asks, “What are we going to do to Israel?” A female student replies, “We’re gonna [expletive] bomb Israel, bro. [Expletive] out of here, Jewish pieces of [expletive].”

The video also contains a graphic that says, “Hot Girl Rosh Hashanah.”

Several other student organizations, including GW College Republicans, GW Hillel and J Street at GW released statements condemning the video and its content.

The Diversity and Inclusion Assembly wrote: “If we continue to treat these incidents as simple deviations from GW’s values, we are serving an injustice to all who are affected…. [W]hen we are faced with instances of discrimination, we must stand up and hold others accountable.”

While the female student involved in the video has apologized for the video, the Hatchet said it will not release her identity. Details regarding the students’ disciplinary action were also not revealed by the administration.

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