Hogan for governor, Frosh for attorney general


On Tuesday, Maryland voters will make their choices for the state’s top two positions — governor and attorney general. For us, the choice is clear. Both incumbents, Republican Gov. Larry Hogan and Democratic Attorney Gen. Brian Frosh, have the experience, the pro-Israel chops and the results-driven record to support their reelection to second terms in Annapolis.

Four years ago, we endorsed Hogan’s then-opponent, when the Republican ran for his first term. The now governor, a businessman from the rural eastern part of the state, appeared at the time as too inexperienced to manage Maryland’s government and represent its interests on a national stage. Hogan proved us wrong. At a time when hyper-partisanship has ruled the day everywhere else, Hogan — a cancer survivor who famously kept up with the rigors of governance while he was going through chemotherapy — has appealed to a wide swath of “purple” Marylanders, advancing sensible policies that have made the state more business-friendly without breaking its liberal spirit.

Hogan has also shown himself to be a common sense Republican, refusing to follow party doctrine in lockstep, going so far as to be an occasional presidential critic. And, at a time when the de-legitimization of Israel has been pursued among certain corners of the left, Hogan has supported the Zionist state and has pioneered new agreements with Israeli enterprises. He has also made himself available to leaders of our community who have brought issues of concern to his office, and has proven himself to be a friend who understands our issues and has been willing to be helpful
and supportive.

Given Hogan’s successes in office, we believe he deserves a second term.

As attorney general, Frosh has been a faithful representative of the people’s interests, defending our rights and focusing upon the interests of citizens in need. He has also been a leader in a series of lawsuits challenging an imperial presidency in Washington.

A proud member of our Jewish community, Frosh continues to be an energetic advocate and a tireless defender of laws that he helped write during 22 active and successful years in the General Assembly and Maryland Senate.

Our state has been better off with Frosh as its top legal officer, and we look forward to four more years of his advocacy, leadership and representation.

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