How to move to Israel while working remotely for a US employer



Some immigrants to Israel with U.S.-based employers find places outside the home to work, including a co-working space run by Nefesh B’Nefesh in Tel Aviv. Before the pandemic hit, the co-working hub operated without social distancing restrictions. (Nefesh B’Nefesh)


It turns out the coronavirus pandemic has had an unexpected silver lining for Americans contemplating making aliyah: the normalization of working remotely.

To be sure, the technology that makes it possible in certain instances to work an American job while living in Israel has existed for years. But for many U.S. employers, the idea of allowing someone to move their job overseas for personal reasons was a nonstarter. Then came the COVID era and with it the massive shift to remote work.

“With so many people working from home, no one is even thinking about where you are,” said David Gardner, an attorney who immigrated to Israel from Los Angeles in 2020.

That has opened up opportunities for Americans who wish to move their U.S.-based jobs to Israel.

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