Immigration: Spain is Juden-Rein but our American leadership is Values-Rein


We are travelling in Spain for the first time. We took a tour given by a young idealistic Jewish man who volunteers for a tiny institution Juderia de Seville. He tells the story of Spanish Jewry in Spain. After this and several days in the country you come to realize that this land is Juden-rein, wiped almost clean of an entire vibrant, good people and civilization. It was a cruel and often violent act of riddance. The question, the Spaniards got right, how does one deal with the age-old complex question of the foreigner?  What is best for the immigrant, country, and the citizens? The answer, they got wrong and in doing so brought a hefty dose of moral darkness to Iberia for 500 years.

America today is confronting the same question and moral choice. Our Democratic party embraces leftist, not American values and therefore leads us down a similar dark path. But we do have a guidebook to return us to moral goodness. It is called American values based on our Judeo- Christian traditions and Constitution.

Circling back to Spain, we were told by the guide that Franco had met with Hitler and told him not to worry about the Jewish problem in his country. He said it had been settled five hundred years earlier; and indeed it was.  There is essentially no minyan ; no Jewish people to meet; no synagogue to attend; no vibrant Jewish people to add to the life of Spain; no schoolyards full of Jewish kids at play; no Torah classes to attend . From the Reconquista until recently Jews have essentially been banned from Spain, a country kept “pure” for the Catholic people living here. The Spaniard embraced immorality by rejecting men who shared their core Western values. They did this primarily because Jews did not share their theology.

And today in the face of tens of millions of people flooding into America in wave after wave of unbridled immigration, our Democratic leaders reject core American values and act as immorally. They terribly harm the immigrant, our country and its citizens. They embrace Leftist values, and in so doing they too bring darkness and immorality to the shores of America. We are damaging America not by rejecting men but in this case by the opposite means- overwhelming us.

The great scholar Tom Sowell calls Leftism the foolish and toxic quest for “cosmic justice”- the fantasy of heaven on earth. The man on the left rejects mature earth-bound reality. It makes no impact in their moral or practical assessments. “It would be nice to have a world energized by sunlight and wind. Hence, even though it is impractical and fanciful, I will make it so by banning the only reliable reasonable energy we now have- namely fossil fuels and nuclear power.” For the Left, it is sad to see billions of humans suffering poverty and corrupt governments all across the globe. Hence, open our boarders and let tens, hundreds, thousands of millions of people into America. Leftism is always destructive because of its childlike naiveté, its quest for unattainable cosmic justice, and the tyrannical methods that lie in its DNA.

Both extremes, the bigoted closed- door immigration policies of Spain and those of wide open -door American leftism are destructive and wrong. As the scholar Mark Levin says (paraphrased), “The purpose of immigration for any moral and decent country is not to have open boarders to allow for the foreigner to experience  “The Immigrant Dream”. It is for the American citizen to decide what is best for himself and his country. It is the “American Dream” of American citizens that always take priority facing the knock on the door from the foreigner. This is not selfishness, lack of pity, or empathy. This is the real world of mature adult men and women, living in a nation-state and balancing competing goods and complex moral issues.

From the 1965 law of allowing for chain migration, to the lies about our Constitution allowing for birthright citizenship, to the unconstitutional executive orders by our current radically leftist President , to our illegal nullification Sanctuary cities, to our lawless lack of enforcement of our immigration laws, we have rejected our American values, and by doing so, smoothed a path for economic and cultural suicide.

We now essentially have anarchy at our gates. Millions upon millions of people have and are entering America without standards, legality or control. Millions are barely literate in their own languages. Millions don’t and never will understand even the basics of our values of liberty, our history, our language, our love of small government, separation of powers, disdain of the welfare state, our great Constitution, and the moral basis for free market capitalism. Millions come unskilled, impoverished, and unashamed of taking welfare from our gargantuan, un-Constitutional, imploding and almost bankrupt state.

Millions come and make lives here not to embrace our basic Western values but to continue to embrace statist leftism of Latin America or the Sharia laws of the Mid East. Millions never will assimilate to American culture because of their proclivities and because assimilation is considered xenophobic by the radical multicultural leftist values of the Obamas ,Vallerie Jarrits, Bill Ayers and their ilk. Millions have and will come with anger and rejection of liberal Western values and will eventually fight against the kind Americans who opened their doors for them- just as they now fight in Europe.

And with all this, our schools, hospitals, law enforcement, court and welfare budgets-budgets there for the American citizen, have been overwhelmed in city after city. Many thousands of these “Dreamers” are also likely criminals or terrorists bringing their brutality to our land. These open doors, this anarchy, lack of assimilation, lack of choosing the foreigners that will strengthen us, is very unkind, immoral and lacking compassion for America and its citizens.

The citizens of America who embrace American values know how to do immigration morally and decently.  We know how to balance compassion and standards. We have done it for over two centuries. We know how to pace ourselves, enrich America, bring order to the process, enforce our laws, demand assimilation, reject multi-culturalism , look for people who will embrace our values and improve our American culture and economy. We know too it is immoral to reject a man simply because of his theology. We know how to show compassion to those at dire and imminent risk of life or limb from the endless brutes that populate the earth.  We understand those people should get to the front of the immigration line.

Spain got it wrong.  Its people chose the evil path of banning a theology , not a threatening value system. It thereby destroyed its moral standing in the Western World. It hurt Spain greatly. You can see it clearly today after a six hour flight across the Atlantic.  The culturally and economically enriching Jew is nowhere to be seen.

America is now getting it deeply wrong today on the other extreme. It is not getting it wrong by rejecting the foreigner but by rejecting American values as regards to the masses at our gates.  It is getting it wrong by embracing the toxic, utopian childlike world of Leftism. And if not reversed it will lead to the end of our great, moral, decent and very exceptional country.








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