alternative spring break jewish national fund
42 East 69th St.
New York, NY 10021
212-879-9305, ext. 245
[email protected]
Free trip to Israel for 18-30 year olds who have unique opportunity to get back and give back – and experience a week of community service, and fun, in Israel.

American Associates ben-Gurion University of the Negev Washington/Baltimore Region
4800 Hampden Ln., Suite 200
Bethesda, MD 20814
Fax: 240-482-3759
Regional Director: Keren Waranch
AABGU plays a vital role in sustaining David Ben-Gurion’s vision, creating a world-class institution of education and research in the Israeli desert, nurturing the Negev community and sharing the university’s expertise in the Washington and Baltimore area.

American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science
2000 Tower Oaks Blvd., Suite 910
Rockville, MD 20852
Fax: 240-223-1195
[email protected]
Chairs: Jane and David Fairweather
Promotes the work of the Weizmann Institute of Science and raises support for basic scientific research.

American Friends of The Hebrew University Mid-Atlantic Region
5100 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Suite 250
Washington, DC 20016
Fax: 202-363-4651
[email protected]
Executive Director: Frandee R. Woolf
Regional office of the national, not-for-profit organization that provides programs, events and fund-raising activities in support of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of Israel’s foremost centers of higher education, scholarship and scientific research.

American Friends of
Tel Aviv University-
Mid-Atlantic Region
50 W. Edmonston Dr., Suite 303
Rockville, MD 20852
Contact: Ben Williamowsky
To support educational needs and scholarships, as well as community care in Israel at the Tel Aviv School of Dental Medicine.

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)
251 H St., N.W.
Washington, DC 20001
Regional office: 410-223-4190
Fax: 410-223-4199
Organization lobbies to maintain and improve friendly relations between Israel and the United States.

The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE)
2810 Blaine Dr.
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Fax: 301-587-9056
Director: Mitchell G. Bard
[email protected]
Provides educational materials on Jewish history and culture. Maintains the Jewish Virtual Library, a comprehensive online Jewish encyclopedia. Offers Israel advocacy training. Promotes scholarship in the field of Israel studies by offering grants to universities to hire visiting Israeli scholars and holds a competition that awards stipends to students pursuing graduate degrees in Israel-related fields. Hosts the Israel Calendar: An online database of pro-Israel events as well as resources based around a monthly theme. Publications include Myths and Facts:
A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

American Technion Society
Greater Washington D.C. Region
7315 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 800E
Bethesda, MD 20814
Fax: 301-654-0754
Regional Director: Irv Elenberg
[email protected]
Fund-raising arm of the Technion in Israel. Providing information regarding the Technion and related work.

American Zionist Movement
633 Third Ave., 21st Floor
New York, NY 10017
[email protected]
Executive Director: Karen Rubinstein
A coalition of groups and individuals committed to Zionism: the idea that the Jewish people is one people with a shared history, values and language, and that Israel is central to the survival of the Jewish people. AZM is the American affiliate of the World Zionist Organization, the Zionist Federation in the United States.

Americans for Peace Now
2100 M St., N.W., Suite 619
Washington, DC 20037
Fax: 202-408-9899
An American Jewish organization working with Israel’s Shalom Achshav movement. APN is committed to achieving a comprehensive political settlement of the Arab/Israeli conflict consistent with Israel’s long-term security needs and its Jewish and democratic values.
817 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
[email protected]
AMIT enables Israel’s youth to realize their potential and strengthens Israeli society by educating and nurturing children from diverse backgrounds within a framework of academic excellence, Jewish values and Zionist ideals. Founded in 1925, AMIT operates 98 schools, youth villages, surrogate family residences and other programs, constituting Israel’s only government-recognized network of religious Jewish education incorporating academic and technological studies.

B’Tselem USA
1411 K St., N.W., Suite 603
Washington, DC 20005
[email protected]
B’Tselem USA enriches American political and public discourse regarding human rights in the Occupied Territories, amplifying the research of B’Tselem, the leading Israeli organization addressing human rights in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Center for Israel Studies at American University
4400 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20016
Fax: 202-885-1318
[email protected]
Executive Director: Laura Cutler
AU’s Center for Israel Studies presents the creative and intellectual contributions of the modern state of Israel in the arts, sciences, social sciences and humanities. Besides academic classes on Israel, we offer monthly public programs, bringing in world-class scholars, writers, artists and performers to examine and interpret the rich landscape of Israeli society, culture and history. Contact Exec. Director to be added to email listserv for free monthly events.

CHAI (Concern for Helping Animals in Israel)
P.O. Box 3341
Alexandria, VA 22302
[email protected]
Executive Director: Nina Natelson
To improve the condition and treatment of animals in Israel through education, legislation and direct support of programs helping animals.

Embassy of Israel
3514 International Dr., N.W.
Washington, DC 20008
Consular Department: 202-364-5527
Fax: 202-364-5423

Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF)
Washington, D.C. Office
5268-G Nicholson Lane, #197
Rockville, MD 20852
Washington, D.C.: 301-960-3531
[email protected]
Stephanie Friedman, Washington, D.C. Executive Director
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) was established in 1981 by a group of Holocaust survivors to provide for the wellbeing of the men and women who serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as well as the families of fallen soldiers. Headquartered in New York City, FIDF is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation that operates 14 regional offices in the United States and one office in Latin America. The FIDF initiates and helps support educational, social, cultural and recreational programs and facilities for the young men and women soldiers of Israel who defend the Jewish homeland. The FIDF also provides support for the families of fallen soldiers. In 2013 FIDF D.C. adopted the Shayetet 3 & Daburim Patrol Squadrons of the Israeli Navy – we welcome these soldiers to the Washington, D.C. community family!
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The Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies University of Maryland
4137 Susquehanna Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Fax: 301-405-8232
[email protected]
Director: Professor Yoram Peri
GIIS is dedicated to the study of Israel in all its variety, but also to presenting political, cultural and general interest programs featuring Israel and its place in the Middle East within the Greater Washington, D.C. community.

Habonim Dror labor zionist youth movement
Founded in 1935, Habonim Dror (the Builders of Freedom) is a Progressive Labor Zionist Youth movement whose mission is: (1) To build a personal bond and commitment between North American Jewish youth and the state of Israel, and (2) To create Jewish leaders who will actualize the principles of social justice, equality, peace and coexistence in Israel and North America.
Habonim Dror runs seven Machanot (summer camps) across Canada and the United States, a post-10th grade Israel summer program (MBI), a year-long post-high school Israel program (Workshop), and year-round activities in many areas of the country (called Eizorim/Kenim) based on the pillars of Progressive Labor Zionism, Judaism, Socialism, Social Justice, and Hagshama (actualization of values).

Israel Aliyah and Programs Center
Mid-Atlantic Region
6101 Montrose Rd., Suite 202
Rockville, MD 20852
Fax: 301-881-4408
[email protected]
Information and assistance about aliyah, living and working in Israel; aliyah applications process, Israel programs, including: free high school and B.A. and M.A. in Israel.

Israel Discovery Tours

israel engagement/israel & overseas grants and connections
The Jewish Federation of
6101 Montrose Rd.
Rockville, MD 20852
TTY: 301-230-7260
Fax: 301-230-7265
(Virtual Israel Center)
Director: Ina Miller Lerman
Shlicha: Pnina Agenyahu
Nurturing direct relationship between community organizations and congregations with the people and state of Israel through engagement, education, and philanthropy.

Corporation for Israel/ israel bonds
6900 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 307
Bethesda, MD 20815
301-654-6575, ext. 1
Fax: 301-951-0036
[email protected]
Director: Jordan S. Harburger
Since 1951, the $35 plus billion realized through the sale of Israel bonds has helped Israel cultivate the desert, build transportation networks, create new industries, resettle immigrants, and increase export capability. Today, investing in Israel bonds supports a nation of extraordinary innovation that continues to push the boundaries of modern technology. Israel bonds are securities issued by the government of Israel. Israel Bonds is also the more familiar name of the Development Corporation for Israel (DCI), a FINRA member broker/dealer, the underwriter for the bonds. Securities offered by the Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds can help achieve numerous investment goals, including preservation of capital, retirement planning, charitable giving and portfolio diversification. Israel bonds are investments with an unblemished record of dependability. Israel has never defaulted on payment of principal, maturity amount or interest on any of its internal or external indebtedness. Member FINRA. This is not an offering which can only be made by prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate the risks associated with investing in Israel Bonds. Issues subject to availability.

J Street
P.O. Box 66073
Washington, DC 20035
[email protected]
JStreetPAC, [email protected]
J Street was founded to promote meaningful American leadership to end the Arab-Israeli and Palestinian-Israel conflicts peacefully and diplomatically. Supports a new direction for American policy in the Middle East and a broad public and policy debate about the U.S. role in the region.

Federation’s Jconnect
6101 Montrose Rd.
Rockville, MD 20852
Fax: 301-230-7260
[email protected]
Jconnect is a low-barrier, online gateway for connection and engagement to the Jewish community through information/resources, volunteering, community events and a virtual Israel section with an interactive map. Jconnect is a community service program of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.

jewish institute for national security affairs
1307 New York Ave., N.W., Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005
Fax: 202-667-0601
[email protected]
Chief Executive Officer:
Dr. Michael Makovsky
Dual purpose — to educate the American Jewish community about the vital importance of a strong U.S. defense posture for the security of Israel and for safety here at home; and to educate the American defense community about the key role Israel can and does play in defense of U.S. interests.

Jewish National Fund
2 Reservoir Cir., Suite 204
Baltimore, MD 21208
Fax: 410-486-3563
Regional Director:
Stuart Diamant-Cohen
JNF is your voice in Israel, and supports the land of Israel and its people by – greening the desert, planting millions of trees, creating new communities in the Negev, building thousands of parks, bolstering Israel’s water supply, and educating both young and old about the importance of Zionism and Israel.

The Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies
University of Maryland, College Park
4141 Susquehanna Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Fax: 301-405-8232
[email protected]
Director: Professor Charles Manekin
The Jewish Studies Program at the University of Maryland encourages research and provides instruction about the history and culture of the Jewish people. Dedicated to the highest standards of scholarship, the program offers a variety of courses in Hebrew Language and Literature, Jewish History, Bible, Rabbinics, Jewish Philosophy, and Yiddish Language and Literature.

Maccabi USA/Sports for Israel
National: 215-561-6900
[email protected]
Maccabi USA endeavors, through sports, to perpetuate and preserve the American Jewish community by encouraging Jewish pride, strengthening Jewish bonds and by creating a heightened awareness of Israel and Jewish identity. The volunteer organization seeks to enrich the lives of Jewish youth in the United States, Israel and the Diaspora through athletic, cultural and educational programs. We develop, promote and support international, national and regional athletic-based activities and facilities. We strive to provide Jewish athletes the world over the opportunity to share their heritage and customs in competitive athletic settings. We support programs that embody the Maccabi ideals of Jewish continuity, Zionism and excellence in sport.

Na’amat USA – Greater
Washington Council
P.O. Box 12375
Silver Spring, MD 20908
[email protected]
President: Ruth Reid
Contact in Israel:
93 Arlosoroff St.
Tel Aviv, Israel 62098
[email protected]
The largest women’s organization in Israel, NA’AMAT works to improve the status of women and provides educational and social services for women, children, teenagers and families. NA’AMAT is a voice for women and children – A voice for Israel. With 300,000 members – Jewish, Arab and Druze women – and 30 branches, NA’AMAT provides a huge social service network throughout all of Israel.

The National PAC (NatPAC)
P.O. Box 15316
Washington, DC 20316
[email protected]
Supports candidates for federal, state and local office who support strong
U.S. – Israel relations.

New Israel Fund (nif)
2100 M St., N.W., Suite 619
Washington, DC 20037
Fax: 202-842-0991
CEO: Daniel Sokatch
The New Israel Fund is the leading
organization committed to equality
and democracy for all Israelis.
Widely credited with building Israel’s
progressive civil society from scratch, NIF has provided over $250 million to more than 800 cutting-edge organizations since its inception. NIF works to safeguard civil and human rights, bridge social and economic gaps, and foster religious pluralism and tolerance in Israel.

Operation Embrace
350-C Fortune Ter., PMB #209
Potomac, MD 20854
[email protected]
Raises funds that provide emotional and direct financial aid to injured survivors of terror attacks in Israel. With the guidance of social workers throughout Israel and Bituach Leumi (Israel’s national insurance agency), Operation Embrace provides short-term, long-term and ongoing support to the victims who suffer with trauma, in order to help them rebuild their lives.

Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning
Fax: 240-283-6201
Offers or collaborates on the following programs that support Israel Education across the Greater Washington area: Israel Quest, Israel in D.C., Israel Education for Early Childhood Educators, resources for Israel Education.

Project Interchange
1156 15th St., N.W., Suite 1201
Washington, DC 20005
Fax: 202-331-7702
[email protected]
Project Interchange, an educational institute of the American Jewish Committee, develops and conducts seminars in Israel for current and emerging United States and international leaders. Founded in 1982, Project Interchange has brought more than 5,500 influential figures to Israel from more than 68 countries, offering them broad exposure to the complex issues facing Israel today.

Volunteers for Israel Mid-Atlantic Region
Marian Sacks, 301-603-9300
[email protected]
Recruits and sends volunteers to work for up to three weeks in all types of civilian non-combat support for the IDF.

Women’s International
Zionist Organization (WIZO)
Co-Chairperson Washington Chapter: Margie Blumberg
Co-Chairperson Washington Chapter: Annette Forseter
Co-Chairperson Washington Chapter: Nancy Reed
[email protected]
(link to our English website)
Supports social service agencies run by WIZO in Israel with particular emphasis on day care centers and battered women’s shelters.

Young Judaea Israel Programs
israel [email protected]
Recruiter: Jenn Putterman
Offers a variety of Israel programs for ages 14-35.

Zionist Organization of America – Louis D. Brandeis District Chapter
[email protected]
District President: Marc Caroff
Fosters support for the security and territorial integrity of the state of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people and the spiritual and cultural center of Judaism.

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