Jacqueline’s Lemon Preserves: Potato Salad


Jacqueline with a bowl of potato salad

This weekend, I made my first recipe with the long-awaited lemon preserves, and I was nervous to say the least. If you read my last blog post, you’ll know that after tasting the “salty lemon juice,” I was apprehensive about cooking with the preserved lemons.

But I have now come out on the other side, both alive and excited for my next lemon endeavor.

I enlisted my 10-year-old sister, who stayed with me this weekend, to help me cook this preserved lemon potato salad. She also took photos of the process.

I’ve never been a huge fan of potato salad, especially the kind you find in a plastic grocery tub, but homemade potato salad can be quite good if done right. This recipe also calls for hard-boiled eggs, which I had never had in potato salad. I was a little confused about how that would taste.


We doubled the recipe — a bold move, I know — so that I could have leftovers, which meant I used half of a preserved lemon. [I also got to bust out a digital food scale I’d been sleeping on for over a year.]

Preserved lemon half

While the potatoes and eggs boiled, we prepared the mayonnaise and lemon mixture.

Taking the lemon out of the jar and slicing it up was pretty slimy. We kept the pulp and all parts of the lemon, but we cut the slices as thin as possible.

Since we used commercial mayonnaise instead of homemade (never made that before!), I also used fresh lemon juice, as the recipe suggested. I added black pepper and garlic powder to the mayonnaise mixture, because it was blasphemous to me that the recipe didn’t call for any spices. I held off on salt because I figured the preserved lemons would have enough of that.

Lemon goes into mayonnaise bowl
Mixing the preserved lemon with mayonnaise.

I cut the eggs and potatoes into large chunks, put into separate bowls.

I chopped up the chives into small pieces, and mixed them with the hard-boiled eggs, which came out perfectly. They were still bright golden yellow, not too dull, which I personally hate in a hard-boiled egg because of the chalky taste and texture the yolk gets.

[Side note: I cook hard-boiled eggs by placing in cold water, leaving to a rolling boil, then taking them off heat immediately and letting them sit in the hot water for 12 minutes.]

Left: the hard-boiled eggs and chives. Right: the mayonnaise mixed with sliced preserved lemon.

We also used golden potatoes, which were not the recipe’s suggestion — though I’m a bit skeptical that these potatoes were packaged accurately because their skin was definitely browner than most golden potatoes I’m used to.

Regardless, the potato salad turned out delicious. Everything mixed together well, the proportions were perfect, and the taste was lemony without being overpowering. The recipe calls for the eggs and chives to be put on top rather than mixed in (see below), and it was definitely nice that the eggs weren’t completely covered in the mayonnaise mixture. But seeing as my ‘leftovers’ container has everything all mixed in, I’m sure it will taste great that way too.

Watch as my sister and I react to the potato salad together:

I would absolutely make this potato salad again, and would eat it as both a side or a main meal. I’m so excited to keep trying more recipes with these preserved lemons. I’m actually sad now that I only had two preserved lemons, because I can tell they will go quickly.

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