JCRC is a gem


JCRC is a gem

On behalf of the 28 executives of our Federation’s partner agencies, day schools and Hillels, we join in supporting the sentiments expressed in Washington Jewish Week’s May 9 editorial “Our community’s gem in its Diamond Jubilee.” As The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington celebrates its 75th anniversary, we are most grateful for the JCRC’s extraordinary and dynamic role that it has on those whose lives we are entrusted.

We also join in expressing our sincere appreciation for our esteemed colleague, JCRC’s executive director Ron Halber. His enthusiasm, skills and “get it done” attitude has supported our work immeasurably. The JCRC’s board and professional team work tirelessly to secure government funds for those in need in our community as well as advocate for Israel, public policy priorities and interfaith relations.

We look forward to joining with the entire community in celebrating at JCRC’s 75th annual gala on June 13.
Steven A. Rakitt, CEO/Executive Vice President, The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington;
Vivian G. Bass, co-chair Agency Execs Council, and CEO, Jewish Foundation for Group Homes;
Dr. Zvi Schoenburg, co-chair, Agency Execs Council, and head of school, Gesher Jewish Day School

Insulting letter


Andy Luterman’s letter (“Make aliyah,” WJW, May 16) was rude, insulting and out-of-bounds, not to mention without logic.

Responsibility (especially fiscal)  and decision-making go hand and hand. The truth of the matter is that without American Jews’ political influence upon the U.S. government and communal monetary largesse, it is unlikely Israel would be around today to celebrate, in glorious fashion, its 65th birthday. American Jewry helps pay Israel’s bills, both directly and indirectly, both diplomatically and financially, and therefore is entitled to an important voice in its affairs.

As Meredith Jacobs (Editor’s Notebook, WJW, May 16) highlighted, “what we know in the Diaspora … is that we were there at Sinai”: and Sinai was not located within the boundaries of the state of Israel.

Full disclosure needed

The story “IRS dissects pro-Israel group” (WJW, May 16) should have noted that Z Street is a surrogate/satellite/sock puppet of the Zionist Organization of America and its national president-for-life Morton Klein. Proof is to be found in the fact that its founder, Lori Lowenthal Marcus, is a former past president of the Philadelphia chapter of the ZOA and for four years even co-hosted a weekly radio show called The ZOA Middle East Report. Full disclosure, please!

The irony here is that the tax-exempt status of the ZOA itself “has been revoked after the group missed three consecutive years of filings to the IRS,” according to the Forward (Sept. 11, 2012). So how is it that the parent organization can’t find the time to file the necessary forms, but its offshoot can?

Please explain, Judge Caroff.
Reisterstown, Md.

Peace is impossible

I take exception to the two-state solution proposed for Israel and Palestine.

Some people, including world leaders, are proposing setting borders for a Palestinian state in the West Bank, a conditional Israeli settlement building freeze, a Jerusalem agreement and a Palestinian relinquishment of the claim for the right of return for millions of Arabs.

All these proposals sound like wonderful ideas when sitting around a table negotiating so-called peace for Israel and the Palestinians, but there is a major fallacy associated with a peace agreement. The Palestinians, like other Arabs and the Persians, cannot be trusted to honor any documents they might agree to and sign with Israel. They hate the Israeli Jews and will tear up a peace treaty and attack Israel when the opportunity arises.

Israel can negotiate with the Palestinians and others in the Middle East, but must realize peace is not possible with its neighbors. War might not come next week or next year, but it is inevitable, and Israel has to prepare for it. Peace in the Middle East is an interlude for Israel to prepare for the next war ad infinitum. Israel’s wars might be preludes to future warfare around the globe.
Londonderry, N.H.

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