Jews who support Hamas


I have been to several Stand With Israel groups and have found Jews who stand with the so-called Palestinians. They stand with Hamas. Hamas means “Islamic resistance.” These Islamists resist Jews. Islam expects Muslims to respond, to “take back” land won by Muslims in military conquest and now lost in conquest, the last time to the Jewish people.

Have you read the Hamas Charter? The group calls for genocide of the Jewish people. It claims its purpose is to rid the world of the Jewish nation, a nation of people who have returned to their ancient, biblical homeland, to a land since conquered by Muslims.

These religious Muslims have for years fired rockets at nonmilitary targets, causing many to call these “war crimes.” They want to fire rockets at major cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Why would Jews stand with these people?

Now, they have built – with money that could have gone to schools and hospitals to improve the lives of the “poor Palestinians” – tunnels so they could (God forbid) launch a surprise attack on our nation on a holy day. And the money they could have used to feed their people, they choose to use to buy rockets with “Jerusalem” written on them in Arabic.

Silver Spring

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  1. Miriam,…I think the answer to this question is that the religion of these Jews is….liberalism and not Judaism.

  2. Do they really stand with Hamas, or do they express support for the civilians of Gaza? Yes, Miriam, there is a difference. But your use of the term “so-called Palestinians” above suggests a blind spot or, rather, a level of blind hatred that rivals the vitriol of those who truly do support Hamas.

  3. It’s true. There are several points to comment on here. I recognize these Jews want to make a statement about the value of life. Then they should stand with the Jews. Does’t 10,000 rockets being fired at people we know, at cities, mean something? All in the name of Islam. They are not fighting for a “state.” They are not “Palestinians.” First, many or most emigrated from some place else. They were “Jordanians” or Egyptians in 1966. Now for the sole reason to take the land of Israel away from non-Muslim Jews, they have this scheme to pretend they want to give these so-called “Palestinians” their own government. “Palestinians” were not present at Camp David with Jimmy Carter; he said so. They are new.

  4. This is not an “Arab-Israeli” conflict. It is a “Muslim- against the non-Muslim world” conflict. The Muslims have figured out how to fire rockets at the non-Muslim Jewish state and say to the world Israel should not fire back, and they have figured out how to wage an agressive war, lose land, and then not lose the land.


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