John Kasich at AIPAC


First visited Israel in 1983. “It was on that trip that I actually visited Bethlehem and it was on that night that I called my mother from Jerusalem.”

Met Avital Sharansky while her husband was still in prison. “We came together in a bipartisan way to call for Natan Sharansky’s release.”

Said Sharansky’s story has always inspired him.

Met him at the cemetery where they laid Gordon Sachs to rest. “I remain unwavering in my support of the Jewish state.”

Praised Harry Truman “for the courageous steps he took when Israel was established.”

Said he will try to strengthen and expand his legacy if he is elected. Proposed building a permanent memorial so young people could understand the “suffering visited on Jews across the globe.”

Said American friends of Israel are not “fair weather friends” and their interests are intertwined “despite our disagreements from time to time.”

Talked about how he flew to Washington and stood on the house floor when the Iran deal was announced to “show his respect for Israel.” Loud applause at this point.

Said he plans to impose tough sanctions on Iran. More  sustained applause.

Kasich came to Iran more quickly than Hillary did this morning.

“I don’t need on the job training…I have lived these battles for decades.” On day one in the oval office he will have a strategic team to implement the safety and security of Israel’s security.

Plans to cut off financial flows to Hamas, Hezbollah.

Unless we recognize the threat right away, approach to defeating ISIS will remain “piecemeal.”

Said he will bring troops home as soon as he can get a settlement guaranteeing a long term security deal. He listed several commitments during this time.

Said he will bring US troops in Afghanistan home once ISIS is defeated.

“A kasich administration will work to eliminate any form of racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism,etc…”

Addressed concerns about BDS. This received loud applause. “I will make sure we have the tools to protect students from hate speech…while supporting free speech on our college campuses.”

“We have to work across ideological lines whenever and wherever possible.”

Talked about how Ronald Reagan was able to work w/ Tip O’neil in working toward the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“I will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. I will not do it!” very emphatic here.

“The great jewish tradition is everyone lives a life greater than themselves.”

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