Kosher grill Al Ha’esh opens in Rockville

Al Ha’esh owner Gideon Sasson hopes to hope his restaurant to the public on Jan. 15. Photo by Justin Katz
Al Ha’esh, an Israeli grill in Rockville, has opened its doors for a soft opening until Jan. 15.
Photo by Justin Katz

A new kosher restaurant in Rockville plans to open its doors to the public on Sunday, bringing an Israeli-style grill to the community.

Al Ha’esh is in the Randolph Hills Shopping Center, next to Moti’s Market, a kosher supermarket; both are owned by Gideon Sasson and Tracy Yitzhaky.

Al Ha’esh unofficially opened its doors — but just a crack — on Jan. 2. Until Friday, the restaurant is accepting reservations made through its website for dinner, but is welcoming walk-ins for lunch.

Sasson said plans call for not taking reservations starting Sunday, though this may not be a long-term policy.

Sasson said he opted for an initial soft opening, restricting the number of diners, to allow for training his staff and receiving feedback from customers.

In exchange, those customers are receiving a discount, Sasson said.

“So far, I am glad to say that our clients kept their part of the bargain, and we received both a lot of patience and feedback,” Sasson said.

The restaurant, serving meat, specializes in Israeli-style grilled foods.

Al Ha’esh’s kosher certification is under the supervision of the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington. Al Ha’esh replaces Moti’s Grill. Sasson closed Moti’s Grill in July.

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  1. Mine is more than a comment – it is a glowing & admiring opinion & recommendation of your bold, enterprising new venture to which I send you my warmest welcome and good wishes for your growth and success. PLEASE send me your e-mail address as I have some suggestions, both of praise and excellence in several areas of your cuisine and one of concern to seriously improve upon for this is, I am sure, you would want to know about in more detail than this space allows. I am a much traveled, professional woman, and a writer with a wide following of readers.

    I had lunch with you yesterday – it was splendid except for one feature – but the rest far exceeded any other Israeli attempts that have been made from time to time but came and sadly have not stayed and gone. Al Ha’ Esh is here TO STAY and will, Hashem willing, become a true Landmark in fine food, Ethnic food, and a variety of dishes that will please and delight, Jew and non-Jew alike.

    I hope to have the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Gideon & Tracy in due course and meanwhile: – MAZEL TOV – MAY YOU GO FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH AND PROSPER AND FLOURISH – IN GOOD HEALTH, GOOD LUCK AND GOOD FORTUNE.



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