Kosher sushi with a slice of pizza

David Price eats sushi at Sushi 7, a new kosher restaurant in Wheaton. Photo by Samantha Cooper

It’s lunch time and the California rolls are mingling with the aroma of fresh-baked pizza. That’s the way kosher places do it in New York City, says Michael Chelst, co-owner of Nut House Pizza.

On June 13, Chelst began offering the combo in his Wheaton restaurant. The new venture is called Sushi 7, and it operates with Nut House like a food court of two.
For customers, Sushi 7 fills a gap in the area’s kosher food landscape, Chelst says.

“It’s something that the community wants. The only thing was available was grocery-level sushi. Just because you’re kosher doesn’t mean you don’t want
good food.”

But sushi and pizza?

“It’s a mental block that sushi and pizza don’t go well together,” he says.

A Sesame Tuna Poke Bowl. Photo by Samantha Cooper

Kemp Mill resident Davida Yitzhaky lacks that mental block. She’s finishing up a slice of cheese pizza when her sushi order — a volcano roll, a spicy tuna roll and a sweet potato roll — arrives.

She and her husband, Adam, are excited to have a local place where they can have a spicy tuna roll. Until today they had to travel to Baltimore or New York for sushi.

“We’re very excited,” she says. “We like to get [sushi], but there aren’t so many great options.”
Yitzhaky is also excited she can customize her rolls. That means no avocado, which she is not fond of.

As lunch hour continues, customers keep rolling in to try the restaurant’s offerings, including
the standard tuna, salmon and cucumber rolls; as well as specialty rolls like the Midnight Angel, a roll with salmon tempura, imitation crab, avocado and two kinds of sauce; and Hawaiian poke bowls.

The poke bowls, which have sushi-style fish and vegetables on top of rice, is a big seller,
Chelst says.

He says he doesn’t plan to expand the menu or attempt gimmicky combinations like a gefilte fish roll. He wants to keep it simple and focus on the quality of the food and the ingredients. The restaurant
receives deliveries of fresh fish three or four times a week.

Nut House Pizza regular David Price says he’s already tried the sushi a couple of times and has
decided on his favorites: a California roll and a sweet potato roll.

“It’s excellent sushi,” he says.

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