Learn some useful Hebrew with this Israeli comedian’s WhatsApp stickers


After months of quarantine, you’ve communicated with family, friends and unloved ones by text more than ever before. The incoming message notifications are haunting you in your sleep. You feel phantom vibrations from your smartphone.

But if you tell your co-workers, your neighbors or your mother’s second cousin that you are unplugging for a few hours or opting out of the group chat for the sake of your sanity, you may find temporary relief ― only to have it shredded by a relentless case of FOMO (fear of missing out).

The solution? Well, if you are using the platform WhatsApp, you can download this collection of stickers featuring Israeli comedian Revital Vitelzon Jacobs. Use them to quell the maelstrom when necessary AND practice some useful Hebrew phrases.

By Liron Raviv

Pronounced “STOHHHHMMM!” (Translation: “SHUT UP!” Singular, masculine.)

By Liron Raviv

Pronounced “STEHMIIIIII!” (Translation: “SHUT UP!” Singular, feminine.)

By Liron Raviv

Pronounced “STEHMOOOO!” (Translation: “SHUT UP!” Plural, all genders.)

The perfect choice for when everyone collectively needs to calm the heck down, this sticker also offers extra oomph thanks to the Vitelzon Jacobs’ body language, which suggests she is possibly under a heavenly bond to restrain herself from unleashing further carnage.

Other great stickers include:

By Liron Raviv

“Nutella zeh egozim” (“Nutella is hazelnuts”), for the person questioning your healthy eating choices.

By Liron Raviv

“Lemi echpat?” (“Who cares?”). Usage self-explanatory.

And last but not least,

By Liron Raviv

“Malka” (“Queen”), because Vitelzon Jacobs knows that a little flattery will go a long way.

If you want Rachel Kohn to translate any of the side-splittingly funny videos on Vitelzon Jacobs’ YouTube channel (“Revital Vitelzon Jacobs: Standup for Tired Parents”) in a future post, email [email protected]

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