Letters April 12, 2018


Sense of proportion needed when looking at Gaza
There is no doubt that the rioting of thousands along the Gaza border with Israel is newsworthy (“Hamas appears victor in PR war,” April 5). But let’s have a sense of proportion. This is obviously a stratagem to gain media attention and take attention away from the celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary of independence.

As far as the number killed and injured are concerned, if you can believe the numbers put out by Hamas (terrorist organizations never lie, especially if they are Palestinian), they pale in comparison to other conflicts going on in the region.

In Afrin, the Kurdish stronghold in northern Syria, the Turkish forces reportedly killed 258people in one day. In eastern Ghouta, the Syrian Army has killed hundreds of civilians during their current advance; and in Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan, the casualty figures are vastly greater.
Beersheva, Israel

Synagogue’s debate over flyer misses the point
Some of Rabbi Weinblatt’s friends are active devotees of J Street (“How a leaflet led to a media fight over J Street,” April 5). They are also lifelong Zionists as deeply committed to Israel as is this well respected and very able rabbi.


I hope he will not disavow us, his friends, some of whom are also colleagues. Alan Elsner is the kind of Jew most rabbis wished were members of their congregations. A debate over a flyer? Seriously? Will Israel’s survival be enabled and enhanced by this “principled” position?

If the rabbi accepted J Street’s invitation to attend its forthcoming national conference, he would have witnessed thousands of lovers of Israel aligning Judaism’s most cherished values with a passionate love for the Jewish people and the Jewish state. Together, may all Jews and all supporters of Israel (including those with whom we disagree) be inspired to declare the concluding Seder hope for all of us, “Next year in Jerusalem.”
St. Michaels, Md.


More communities need leaders like Rabbi Weinblatt
Bnai Tzedek Congregation is fortunate that Rabbi Weinblatt is a principled and staunch defender of Israel (“How a leaflet led to a media fight over J Street,” April 5). His decision to bar J Street’s flyer advertising its convention was entirely appropriate, given the organization’s established record of defaming and undermining Israel at every turn.

As Alan Dershowitz stated three years ago in Tablet, “I think J Street has been the most damaging organization in American history against Israel.” Rabbis everywhere should proudly follow Rabbi Weinblatt’s example.
From WJW online

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  1. In his old age, legal eagle Dershowitz has gone off the deep end- as proven by his silly comment on J Street.

    It was bad enough that he was a member of murderer OJ Simpson’s dream team – other than for the money, how can a so-called Jew defend a gentile who brutally killed another Jew (Ron Goldman)?

    He is now a regular contributor to FOX NEWS.

    He proudly claims responsibility for the release of the crook Rubashkin, whose Agriprocessor crimes constituted a total Chilul ha-Shem.

    And he is an ardent defender of Cadet Spanky Bonespurs, whom even arch-right-winger Ann Coulter has come to deride as a “shallow, lazy, ignoramus.”

    Bottom line: If the welfare of the State of Israel – at least as defined by LIKUD- has clearly become his sole surpassing concern in life these days, why has he not done the honest thing and made aliyah?


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