Letters April 20, 2017


JDL is the disgrace
I am writing in response to “JDL has backbone” (April 6) praising the JDL for violently reacting to protesters at AIPAC and claiming that these protesters are a disgrace to our community. While I do not agree with many of the protesters claims and statements, I do believe that as Jews we must respect their right to protest. We have a long tradition of embracing pluralistic thoughts, going all the way back to the Talmud where dissenting opinions were not only tolerated but actually included in our sacred texts. I believe that attacking protesters is not only antithetical to Judaism and spineless, but also is the real disgrace to our community.
Oakton, Va.

Inclusion in Montgomery County
Recently, through the Next Door listserv for Aspen Hill and surrounding neighborhoods, I became aware of the Montgomery County Middle Eastern American Heritage Month Celebration of Spring, which took place in March in the Executive Office Building cafeteria. Cultures represented were Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine and Turkey. I objected to replacing Israel with Palestine, and the exclusion of Israel. Among comments I received from members of the listserv were the following:

“Don’t tell people that [this] isn’t happening when Palestinians…are being slaughtered and cut off from the rest of the world.”

“Israel pays off many congressmen through groups like AIPAC.” “Bombing hospitals and killing tons of civilians, mistreating them on a daily basis, and essentially cutting off all supplies is what the Nazis did to the Jewish people….”


County Council President Roger Berliner made sure that Israel was mentioned in the county proclamation presented to members of the Montgomery County Middle Eastern American Advisory Group.

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