Letters April 27, 2017


Justice for hatred
Regarding “Annandale man arrested, appears connected to ‘Aryan Underground’ Twitter” (washingtonjewishweek.com, April 14), I hope the Fairfax Police, manage to prosecute [suspect Dylan M. Mahone] to the fullest extent and that he gets the maximum jail time allowable, plus a few years of community service where he specifically is required to work under Jews, African Americans, Muslims, Indians (both American and Asian), Asian Americans, and any other ethnicity that might offend him. He needs to spend a long time serving those he chose to hate.

Solutions based on lies
There are many proposals to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There is the two-state solution, the one-state solution, the third way solution, the regional peace solution and the Arab League solution, to name a few.

These solutions are all based on lies, willful blindness to the facts, ego and hate.

Among the lies are that the Palestinians will accept less than all the land and no right of return; that there can be two states for two people living in peace; that Arab League states will live in peace; and that Palestine will ever accept demilitarization.


Each of the proposed solutions, though, are also blind to Palestinian hatred and terrorism, blind to the Palestinian denial of Jewish rights to the land and to the Temple Mount, blind to Palestinian payments to terrorists’ families and blind to Palestinian demands for “all of the land from the river to the sea.”

Those backing these proposals are motivated by ego: Former Secretary of State John Kerry wanted a Nobel Peace Prize. President Donald Trump seeks to be the ultimate deal maker.

But fundamentally, they are premised on hate — no matter what Israel does, someone will always find fault with Israel.
Silver Spring

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