Letters, April 6, 2016


Two standards
Some American Jews expressed outrage when GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was invited to speak at AIPAC (“Clinton, Trump bringing roadshow to AIPAC,” March 17). Yet, some of these same Jews had no problem with J Street inviting PLO chief negotiator Saab Erikat, serial liar and propagandist against Israel, to speak at their convention.

Similarly, some American Jews are deeply concerned that the Pew study showed 48 percent of Jewish Israelis support “expulsion and transfer of Arabs from Israel” (“Counting the bombshells in the Pew Israel study,” March 31). But, those same Jews are unconcerned that arguably 100 percent of Palestinians call for the destruction of Israel and the murder or expulsion of Jews.

The current argument rages as to whether Israeli soldiers have the right to kill the Palestinian terrorists. Some American Jews consider the killings extra-judicial, but will rationalize the murder of Israelis and have no problem with drones killing terrorists posing no immediate threat to Americans or that America dropped an atomic bomb on civilians in Hiroshima.

Many Jews question whether an Israeli soldier was justified in killing a terrorist, who might have been wearing a suicide belt, in Hebron, but never questioned whether the SEAL team could have taken al Qaeda  leader Osama Bin Laden alive.


The point of this is whether it is the fight against terrorism or treatment of the enemy, American Jews, along with the world, have one standard for Israel and another for themselves. Is it just hypocrisy or something worse?
Silver Spring


Religion in public schools
Didn’t we spend enough time and effort to keep religion out of our public schools? The parents in Kemp Mill can do what the rest of us without resources have done to give our children a Jewish education (“Day school parents push for Jewish programs at Kemp Mill Elementary School,” March 31). Yes, public schools are paid for with taxes, including from people who have no children. That is our democratic way.
We do not want Christmas or Easter. Therefore, we must not ask for our religion to be taught at Kemp Mill or any other public school.
Chevy Chase

Breadth of thoughts not in article

The writer missed several of my key points in our conversation about Emily’s List’s participation in the Maryland Senate Democratic primary race. Yes, “we” are “rankled” on so many levels. Unfortunately, what the writer didn’t capture is why I am (“Edwards’ Emily’s List support rankles Van Hollen backers,” March 31).

Like state Sen. Cheryl Kagan (D-District 17) as a Maryland voter and longtime Emily’s List donor, I am concerned that millions of dollars are being spent by Emily’s List on commercials attacking a candidate for “dark money” when the money raised for those ads is from out of state and largely from the sources being attacked.

I’m upset that Emily’s List is spending millions of dollars against a talented progressive Democrat with a proven record instead of working hard against anti-choice Republicans where these dollars would have a positive impact. I’m also upset that Emily’s List is spending millions in a race where the candidate is primarily supported by out-of-staters and not Marylanders who have working experience with the two candidates and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

I’m concerned that Emily’s List is bankrolling a woman, Rep. Donna Edwards,  who the vast majority of the women leaders in Maryland do not support.

I have engaged in this election with my time, energy, personal contributions and endorsement for Rep. Chris Van Hollen for Senate because it is much more than “personal.” I know his accomplishments and his value to our state. That is why Emily’s List’s commercials won’t have an impact on me or people I know —Van Hollen has worked with, promoted and supported women his entire career and has a legacy of accomplishments for our Jewish community, state and nation. Marylanders know Van Hollen’s record and the voters will be informed and intelligent in their choices.

This newspaper’s editorial endorsement is an indication of just that.

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