Letters April 6, 2017


Disappointed in Greenblatt article
I was disappointed to read about the effusive praise lavished on lawyer Jason Greenblatt, the real estate attorney and chief legal officer for the Trump Organization for 20 years (“ ‘Listener’ Greenblatt is Trump’s ears in the Mideast,” March 30). He had just been appointed by President Donald Trump as “special representative for international negotiations.”

A fellow synagogue member “believes his loyalty to Trump over the years has paid off.”

Greenblatt obviously knew about the many continuing scandals of the Trump organization real estate business, including stiffing small businesses, assaulting women, Trump “University,” the Obama birth falsehood, etc.

The writer cites another congregant who maintains that Greenblatt “cares deeply about Jewish values.”


His impressive service to an ethically and legally challenged Trump may not represent that high bar required by faithful adherence to Jewish values. Did he believe in Trump, or go along to get along? As Groucho Marx once remarked: “These are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others.”

JDL has backbone
Reading this article, I can only say “well done” to the JDL, and I’m glad that someone has the backbone to stand up to those who are a disgrace to our community (“Jewish Defense League brings violence to peaceful AIPAC protests,” March 30).

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