Letters | Aug. 18, 2021


You call this apartheid?

While Louis Nagel is entitled to his opinion (“Message written in ice cream,” Letters, Aug. 5), the American people — including the vast majority of American Jews — understand that a foundational cornerstone of South African apartheid was zero upward mobility for Blacks. In 2019 an Arab, Samer Haj-Yehia, was elected chairman of Bank Leumi, the largest bank in Israel. And an Arab, George Kara, is a justice on the Israeli Supreme Court.
Margate, Fla.

Two scoops for two cones

Regarding “Where do you stand on the Ben and Jerry’s Settlements Boycott?: Take our Test” (Opinion, Aug. 5):

We Jews need to make clearer distinctions between legitimate criticism of Israeli government policies on the one hand, and real instances of antisemitism on the other. How can people who claim to support a two-state solution demand penalties against Ben & Jerry’s for taking non-violent action against West Bank settlers, calling it an act of antisemitism? After all, these settlers pose one obstacle to such an outcome.

Unless Ben & Jerry’s has made public statements of support for real enemies of Israel, such as Hamas and Hezbollah, gut reactions to any utterance of criticism seriously hinders the real battles Jews currently face.

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