Letters Aug. 9, 2018


Apoplexy over Nation-State law is insulting
Gevalt! Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Hebrew will become the “official” language and “Hatikva” will remain the national anthem of Israel under a new Basic Law (“American sees split over ‘Nationality Law,’” July 19).

Casualties have escalated. Progressive liberal Jews require hospitalization for the treatment of apoplexy and amnesia. Jerry Silverman, representing Jewish Federations of North America, ran to Israel to save Arabs from Jewish aggression. The torrential waterfall of anti-Israel criticism by a cabal of self-loathing, hypocritical Jews continues. The Jewish Left (in Israel too) read from the same concession script of appeasement, a strategy which has only emboldened Palestinian recalcitrance and terrorism.

Such people ignore the history of Israel’s relations with her Arab neighbors. After going through hell in Nazi concentration camps, young Holocaust survivors sacrificed their lives to protect Israel from the onslaught of five Arab armies.
What an insult to their memory.
Silver Spring


Let’s try shaming Birthright protesters
Bethany Zaiman may be pleased that she, at no expense to her, was able to take a Birthright trip to Israel to condemn it (“D.C. Birthright protester is resolute about why she abandoned trip,” July 26). She has cheated three groups: first, the donors of the funds; second, the organizers; and third, the other participants in the tour.


She took the free trip under false pretenses and essentially committed fraud by her actions. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to prevent a reoccurrence other than a prior questioning of potential participants and a signed statement that they are fully aware of the purpose of the trip and agree to its objectives. While Ms. Zaiman may be proud of what she did, supporters of Israel should be outraged and should let their displeasure be known by considering her both a liar and a cheat.

Recovery of funds is not likely, but shaming should be a partial sop to the donors for this travesty.
New York, N.Y.


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