Letters August 11, 2016


Of chutzpah and fairness
Talk about chutzpah and hypocrisy.

GOP stalwart Glenn Taubman (“Article on Kaine biased,” Letters, Aug. 4) wants to see “a bissel of fairness and balance” in Washington Jewish Week’s political coverage.

Mind you, this is the very same individual who, in these very pages on April 12, 2007, in a letter titled “Queen of Quisling,” let loose a series of ad hominem slurs thrashing and trashing Democratic then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

What is especially noteworthy is that his verbal abuse included placing her — a longtime supporter of Israel and the first speaker to have a Jewish grandchild — in the same camp as a disgraced Nazi collaborator of World War II Norway.


In this letter, he employed language such as “betrayal,” “queen of Quisling” and “novice of Neville Chamberlain” to refer to Pelosi, expressions which are synonymous with traitor.

Glenn Taubman calling for “fairness and balance” is like The Donald Trumpeting political correctness.

Jewish support for Clinton against our own survival
The article “Locals ponder meshuganah election year” (Aug. 4) once again demonstrates how knee-jerk liberal Jews (emphasis on the jerk) put liberalism first — and Judaism, second, third or fourth.  Every person quoted supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, against the interests of Jewish and Israeli survival.

Trump is classically liberal in accepting his daughter’s conversion and his Jewish grandchildren. Clinton’s son-in-law effectively had to abandon his Jewishness to be accepted; his children are not being raised Jewish.

Trump believes that Israel’s right to exist trumps the political fiction known as the Palestinians. Clinton promotes a Palestinian state that will be a dagger into the heart of Israel.

Trump will move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem; Clinton refuses to entertain the idea.

Trump opposes Palestinian terrorism and supports Jewish settlement blocks in Eretz Yisrael. Clinton, when secretary of state, rarely raised objections when Jews were terror victims. She made Israeli construction on Israeli-owned land an international incident; her rhetoric, as well as President Barack Obama’s, spurred anti-Semitism. We should not forget how she hugged Yasser Arafat’s wife after the wife gave a speech accusing Jews of poisoning “Palestinian” wells and children.

Clinton’s closest advisers are Muslims, J Street members and other anti-Israel Jews. Trump’s adviser is his Orthodox son-in-law.

Clinton wants to move two million more Muslims into America, which will invariably result in more terrorism, with Jews being killed and synagogues and blown up as has occurred in Europe. Trump wants to keep out the Muslims. Clinton wants gun confiscation; Trump believes in the Second Amendment. Had Jews had guns in Europe in WWII, at least a few million more Jews might have survived the Holocaust. Jewish ownership of guns equals survival.

To support Clinton is to turn our back on our survival.
Silver Spring

Grammatically Incorrect
To paraphrase a Yiddish proverb, Yiddish never dies but it lives a tormented life.

If only out of respect for the mother tongue of the Holocaust, it seems appropriate to use it correctly. If the current political campaign is crazy, it is meshugah, a descriptive adjective (“Locals ponder ‘meshuganah’ election year,” Aug. 4). Meshuganah is a noun that may describe a genuine lunatic, say, someone running for the presidency.

Many thanks for the weekly WJW. It provides an important service to the community.

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