Letters August 25, 2016


Anti-Semites can be found on right as well as left
The opinion piece “Prelude to a pogrom,” (Voices, Aug. 18) was surely one of the most illogical screeds ever published in the Washington Jewish Week.

The author uses a film that appears to show some chuckleheaded college students agreeing to donate to a phony terrorist organization to claim that support for liberal causes goes against Jewish values. He asserts that liberals support “doles for idleness.” If he is referring to earned benefits such as Social Security and Medicare and a living minimum wage, these progressive programs surely comport with Jewish values. The author also claims that liberals want to remove God from our public life. If he is referring to the constitutional separation of church and state, maybe he wants to return to the days when public school teachers led students in sectarian prayer.

The author seems oblivious to the fact that people who harbor anti-Semitic and anti-Israel views are to be found in the fever swamps of the right as well as sometimes unfortunately on the left.

Supply recollections, photos for Kosher Kitchen film
I want to thank the Washington Jewish Week for the article “Kosher Kitchen Collective fed locals’ souls,” July 28). However, an important item was left out. The article stated correctly that the collective has embarked on making a documentary about the restaurant but it did not provide the contact for people who have photographs, videos, and even testimonies (positive or negative) of the Kosher Kitchen.


Here is the contact:
Debbie Amster
2001 Bishops Castle Drive
Olney, MD 20832

One other small correction: The collective did not sell the Kosher Kitchen since it was a nonprofit organization and not ours to sell. We gave it to a manager who lost $30,000 over a few months and it was forced to close.

Again, I want to thank the Washington Jewish Week. The paper gave us an ad that started our fundraising efforts and an editorial endorsing the effort. Without its help, the Kitchen may not have gotten off the ground.

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