Letters, Dec. 22, 2015


Something for nothing
People like Udi Dekel claim “Israel must shape reality” for there to be peace (“Israel must ‘shape reality,’ ex-peace negotiator says,” WJW, Dec. 17). With Oslo and the Gaza disengagement Israel shaped reality, but the resulting reality was terror and rockets. When you give something for nothing that is what you will get back — nothing (certainly nothing good).

In 1967, Israel magnanimously left the Waqf in charge of the Temple Mount, but instead of a reciprocal expression of religious tolerance, Jews are even denied the right to peacefully walk, much less pray, on the Mount.

There is no such thing as “security guarantees” — witness 9/11, Paris 11/13 and San Bernardino. I don’t even know how anyone can make the claim.

There are no moderate Arab countries, period, and certainly none that will ever stand against Palestinian terrorism.


A shared Jerusalem is nonsense. Who will stop a Palestinian from crossing the divide and driving his car into Israelis or stabbing Israelis?

A third party administering the “holy basin” is also nonsense. Jews have always been poorly served by trusting their fate to others.

Two states for two peoples is another bit of nonsense. If the peoples referenced are Jews and Palestinians, then would Palestinians be forced to move to the state of Palestine as Jews will be forced to leave Judea and Samaria for Israel? No. In fact the reality will be two Palestinian states: Palestine and Gaza.

There is no two-state solution. It is just a lie.
Silver Spring

Renewal article should have included MOSh
It strikes me as strange that the article about Renewal Judaism in D.C. (“Youngest Jewish movement experiences renewal of its own,” WJW, Dec. 3) made no mention of the one actual Renewal community in the District, Minyan Oneg Shabbat (www.minyanonegshabbat.org), led by ALEPH-ordained Rabbi Mark Novak. I hope you will do an article about MOSh. It is a wonderful community and your readers would benefit from knowing about it.

Dekel suggested Israel disengage from part of West Bank
Contrary to your editorial (“Progress in the absence of peace,” Editorial, WJW, Dec. 17) I did not hear Gen. Udi Dekel suggest that Israel unilaterally “declare a Palestinian state.” He suggested that Israel disengage from parts of the West Bank, east of Israel’s security fence, which Israel has held as bargaining chips for a permanent agreement (since, he said, agreement is not in the cards for a long, long time), letting the Arab Palestinian Authority administer civil affairs there. But Israel’s military would continue to operate in those areas and would be responsible for security there.

Danger to our country
The Dec. 17 issue contained two letters critical of the HIAS open letter to Congress that had been signed by 1,200 rabbis. Both pointed out that the rabbis were mistaken in claiming that the refugee vetting process was secure and would prevent radical Islamists posing as refugees (Rabbis’ ‘magical thinking,” “HIAS ignores threat from refugees,” WJW).

A further letter by Victoria Greenfield (“The Danger of Trump,” WJW) claimed that Donald Trump was preaching hate by suggesting that until our vetting procedures enabled us to distinguish between genuine refugees and radical Islamists, no further Muslims should be allowed into the United States.

It is surprising that someone claiming to be a public policy analyst could compare Trump’s rallying calls to the genuine hatred spewed by Hitler and the Nazis against the Jews in the late 1930s.

I write as an individual who has been involved in national security issues for over five decades. I am neither a registered Republican nor a Trump supporter, but I certainly recognize the danger to our country of offering easy access to those who are committed to our destruction.

Unlike our president, I have no difficulty in believing the propaganda of the radical Islamists who seek to kill us. Trump has been expressing the fears of a significant proportion of the population which considers that not enough is being done to protect our borders and our way of life. What we have witnessed is not hate speech; this is plain common sense.

BDS op-ed informative
The op-ed by Rabbi Adam Raskin is a very good read and extremely informative to those interested in the organizations which boycott Israel (“In backing BDS, United Church of Christ closes door to unity on other issues,” Voices, WJW, Dec. 17).

Christians account for a large number of those making trips to the Holy Land, so I am surprised at the decision of the United Church of Christ. I did a search on the Internet of companies and individuals which also boycott Israel, and I was surprised and amazed at the list, which should be made public, perhaps in another article in your publication.

Isn’t there a Jewish organization which monitors these decisions and would be able to speak before an important vote for BDS is taken? It is a sad commentary to realize that those who sign on to BDS are so uninformed about Israel and make decisions based on biased information. Now that the rabbi has informed us, it is time for our Jewish leaders to be more proactive about BDS.

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