Letters | Dec. 26, 2019


She likes us

Congratulations on your new layout. It is sleeker and easier to read, also the color photos give the pub more punch. Thanks for keeping the MVA community up to date on all things Jewish.


December dilemma


Comments on Facebook about “Anything but Santa Claus stamps” (Dec. 19).

As a Jew, I am surrounded by Christmas in Australia. I don’t mind it, but I can’t understand why people spend so much money on presents. I think being around family and friends sharing a meal is far more important.

Fiona Van Waveren Wilshire

A friend of mine and I are going to ride around our area to see the
Christmas lights that we don’t have in our own homes.

Leann Sherman

I grew up a Jewish kid in America. I always enjoyed parts of Christmas and just ignored what I didn’t appreciate.

Bryna Anton

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