Letters December 15, 2016


Concerns about headline
Perhaps I am a bit too sensitive — or perhaps showing my age, but I am a bit uncomfortable with your headline, “Chanukah gift ideas for newcomers to the tribe” (Chanukah Gift Guide, Dec. 8).  I find “to the tribe” a bit offensive.

Otherwise, I very much admire your publication immensely, as you can probably tell from the duration of my subscription.

Would you consider changing “Sabbath” to “Shabbat”?
Falls Church

Schumer shows too-casual attitude
It bothers me that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y), asked about Rep. Keith Ellison’s ([D-Minn.]), under consideration to chair Democratic National Committee) poor record on Israel, has said that he isn’t worried about that “Israel stuff” (“Could Ellison fracture Jews, Democrats?” Dec. 8). Stuff?


This is a far too casual an attitude toward the security and survival of Israel. Is Iron Dome merely stuff? Schumer needs to do some serious soul-searching. He is becoming too self-satisfied and condescending.
Great Neck, N.Y.

Suggesting Jews return to shtetls of Europe is “beyond the pale”
It is Jonathan’s Grant’s right (Letters, Dec. 1) to differ with Jews who oppose xenophobia and who see themselves as allies of Muslim and other religious minorities. But for any Jew to suggest that any fellow Jew “return to the towns and shtetls of Europe from whence their ancestors left,” is beyond the pale.

My parents were born in Eastern Europe and immigrated to the Netherlands to escape anti-Semitism and narrow-mindedness.

They had three children: my sisters Eva and Leah, born before Holland was invaded, and me, born during the Nazi occupation.

My parents were deported and my sisters were hidden with a Dutch family, but denounced and killed in Auschwitz. I survived because an Indonesian family and their Muslim nanny living in The Hague risked their lives to save a nine-month-old Jewish baby.

The lesson? No one should be targeted or judged by the color of their skin, their religion or their national origin.

Reasons to remain vigilant
I’m old enough to remember the Nazis. Donald Trump and his Cabinet bring back, to me, horrifying visions of that era. We must remain vigilant and garner support in a peaceful manner (“Cardin calms his anxious constituents,” Dec. 8). However, if and when it becomes necessary to demonstrate and protest and march, let’s not hesitate to do so. We are at a dangerous crossroads.

Never again — for us and for others in danger.
Dayton, Ohio

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