Letters, December 2, 2015


Why a different standard for Israel?
French President Francois Hollande is correct to describe the barbaric attacks in Paris this month as an “act of war.” WJW identifies the need to confront the evil these atrocities represent (“The real fight against evil,” Editorial, Nov. 19).

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and its affiliate, the JCRC, link the Paris attacks to the continuing carnage in Israel (In the News, washingtonjewishweek.com, Nov. 19). As they state: “Radical Islamists are a global problem posing a threat to the entire free world, as evidenced by the horrendous attacks in Paris last week and in Israel today.”

The murderers responsible for the Paris atrocities swear allegiance to the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

The radical Islamist entities that promote barbarism in Israel go by many names: Hezbollah, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hamas and, yes, even the Palestinian Authority that, through unrelenting incitement, is the driving force behind the reign of terror in Israel. What’s more, every one of the above-noted terror organizations has American blood on its hands.


The international community rightly stands foursquare with France through intensified efforts to eradicate the Islamic State. Yet the free world does next to nothing to wholeheartedly support Israel in its efforts to overcome the Islamist-inspired barbarians arrayed against it. Far worse, Western nations give aid and succor to the radical Iranian state and extensive financial support to P.A. leaders — in effect subsidizing their campaign of incitement against the world’s only Jewish state.

We must ask ourselves why there is a different standard in the free world when it comes to standing with Israel. At a minimum, we must all vociferously demand an end to the world’s double standards that effectively deny the Jewish people and their nation-state the fundamental rights and privileges that are granted to other nations.
President, Louis D. Brandeis    Chapter, Zionist Organization of America

More info on Voices writer 
The background information provided for Binyamin Korn (“Amnesia on settlements afflicts Martin Indyk,” Voices, WJW, Nov. 26) was deficient. Readers of the WJW should know that “Buddy” Korn is a long-time acolyte of Morton Klein and former executive director of the right-wing Zionist Organization of America — and in total agreement with that organization’s opposition to any two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which explains the article’s full-throated apologetics in defense of settlement expansion. As to Korn’s perspicacity when it comes to analysis and policy prescription, he was the founder of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin. ‘Nuff said.

From washingtonjewishweek.com:
USCJ cut Koach, emphasized youth
How can the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism “emphasize youth” while cutting Koach, due to “budget constraints” (“Conservatives emphasize youth biennial push,” WJW, Nov. 19)? Hopefully Masorti on Campus will fare better — but this is outside the orbit of the USCJ.

Health article helpful to readers
A great article and a great service to people who have the APBD signs that were described (“APBD: It’s yet another rare disease affecting Ashkenazi Jews,” WJW, Nov. 12).

Readers should know that both men and women can have APBD.

Also, Hadassah research has opened up a path that could lead to a cure for APBD. If 200 cases are identified, an Israeli startup may pay for a drug trial.

‘Unconscionable’ not to condemn terrorist acts
As a Maryland resident, I find it is unconscionable that Rep. Donna Edwards could not find the strength, morality and wisdom to join with every one of her Maryland congressional colleagues to condemn the incitement that led to terrorist acts being committed against Israeli civilians (“Maryland delegation, minus one, signs letter condemning Palestinian violence,” WJW, Nov. 19). She apparently stands alone.

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