Letters | Feb. 14, 2019


Leadership opportunities are important

I was very moved by Jared Foretek’s article “Activists want more leaders with disabilities” (Feb. 7). As a young adult with special needs (I am on the autism spectrum), the article deeply resonates. Having leadership opportunities has been enormously important for me. In my opinion, one of the most significant aspects of this is that the chance to exercise leadership skills presents an important opportunity to develop deeper communal appreciation of the gifts and strengths of individuals who have special needs.

I also found Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi’s words, as quoted in the article, “… people need to see themselves in leadership, not just as people who participate in a program,” to be especially powerful. Everyone should have the opportunity to develop and exercise their unique areas of strength. Thank you for contributing to the conversation about a vital topic.

Chevy Chase


Haters on left, right are all the same

Sara Stock Mayo is wrong when she asserts anti-Semitism on the left is not comparable to anti-Semitism on the right (“Showing up as a progressive Zionist in activist spaces,” Voices, Feb. 7). Anti-Semitism on the left involves intimidation, harassment and support for murdering Israeli Jews. Anti-Semitism on the right involves intimidation, harassment and support for murdering Jews everywhere.

Left and right anti-Semitism are the same evil and must be exposed, condemned and isolated. Ms. Mayo tries to whitewash progressives’ anti-Semitism because she has aligned herself with those people, particularly leaders of the Women’s March.

Mayo sees a difference. I do not.

Silver Spring

Pro-Palestinian means anti-Israel

In final form, the vote on the anti-BDS bill was 77 to 23 in favor with a notable array of potential Democratic candidates for presidency voting no, a fact that should be remembered when it comes to election time (“Anti-BDS legislation advances in Senate,” Jan. 31).

The bad news is that 21 of the 23 Senate votes opposing the bill were Democrats. More significant is that the bill is unlikely to pass in the Democratic majority House of Representatives with that body more indicative of the future agenda of that party.

Certainly the Republican Senate, with one exception, has shown a continuing support of Israel while the Democratic Party has become more partial to the Palestinian Arabs’ viewpoint. Hopefully there will be other options than anti-
Israel candidates when it comes to primary time for the Democratic Party.

New York, N.Y.


In the Feb. 6 editorial “Simon Says,” we characterized the organization IfNotNow as a supporter of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. According to the movement’s principles on its website, IfNotNow does not take a stand on BDS; it neither supports BDS nor condemns it.

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