Letters | Feb. 21, 2019


Progressive voice ignores anti-Semitism from left

Sara Stock Mayo’s recent opinion piece asserts that white nationalism is more dangerous than left-wing anti-Semitism because the former seeks to destroy Judaism entirely (“Showing up as a progressive Zionist in activist spaces,” Feb. 7). This ignores the relative strength of white nationalists and the left-wing anti-Israel movements. The former are few, are not well-placed in society, and are not well-organized. The latter are numerous, organized and active at colleges and universities.

An example is the demonizing of Professor Michael Goldstein at Kingsborough College in Brooklyn, N.Y. This is coordinated by the self-described Progressive Faculty Caucus. It involves coordinated harassment by faculty and students, a thousand fliers, “Kill the Zionist” graffiti, shouted obscenities and a college that, to date, refused to recognize this as a serious hate problem.
Goldstein has described his experience in the Feb. 13 New York Daily News, the online version of which links to similar progressive campaigns against individuals at other colleges and universities.



If it looks like an enemy, talks like an enemy …

A recent editorial defending the Democratic Party appeared in the same issue as a front-page story noting that the only opposition in the Senate to anti-BDS legislation came from Democratic leadership (“Anti-BDS legislation advances in Senate,” “The Democrats are not the enemy,” Jan. 31).

It is not I who see Democrats as enemies, but it is the Democratic leadership that has declared themselves so. Indeed, the Democratic leadership has so loudly declared their animosity that several prominent veteran Democrats, so alarmed by the new direction of the party, have established the Democratic Majority for Israel as a new political
action group.

Vienna, Va.

Correcting some baseball stats

Having been a life-long Boston Red Sox fan, I was delighted to see an article on Jewish slugger Kevin Youkilis (“Jewish slugger Kevin Youkilis on Hall of Fame ballot,” Jan. 24). I need to point out, though, that one sentence was factually incorrect.

It said that Youkilis made his debut with Boston in 2004, and two years later the team won the World Series for the first time since 1916. Actually, the team won the World Series in 2004, and it was the first time since 1918.

Vienna, Va.

In “You Should Know… Micah Hendler” (Feb. 14), Darya Watnick was identified as Hendler’s wife. She is his girlfriend.

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  1. 1.Type in “Martin Weiss” as a keyword search on this website, and a number of letters to the editor of his will show up. Most have a common thread: Islamophobia.

    2. The Goldstein incident was an outlier, which is why snowflake right-wing media has promoted it.

    3. The rebuttal to Weiss’ argument can be summed up in two words: Christopher Hasson.


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