Letters | Feb. 26, 2020


On account of a star

Regarding “Why I stopped wearing a Jewish star,” by Lisa Woolfson (Voices, Feb. 20): Dear Lisa, I hear you and understand your worries. It is not right or fair not to exercise one’s tradition due to hate and prejudice.

I am Muslim. My daughter wears hijab (by choice) as a part of her religious identity and commitment to her faith. She believes that it is mandatory, thus she has to endure bigots who judge her based on what she wears.

It is a simple solution for you to not wear the Star of David necklace and move on in your life. It is easy for me as a male to move about unrecognized as Muslim, escaping dirty or suspicious looks from some of my fellow Americans.

But this option is not available for many Muslim women, like my daughter, who have chosen to wear hijab. I pray for a better time for all, in which it would not matter who people are, what they believe or what they wear.


Thank you for this article. I enjoyed it and I share your pain!
Westlake, Ohio

Don’t let the morons win

I disagree 100 percent. It is time to put it on. You have embraced your religion. You’re proud of it and it shows. If we hide, we let the attackers win. It is not easy. We might have to endure bigots that judge us, but it shows how small they are as people and how big you are. There is nothing wrong with you, and overall America is amazing and supportive.

Don’t let the few morons ruin your spirit. Put it back on and be proud.
Los Angeles

Have you forgotten Tlaib, Omar and Ocasio-Cortez?

Regarding “MoCo Republicans urge Jews to abandon Dems” (Feb. 20): The advice needs to be heeded by Democratic Jews. Anti-Semitism is increasing. It is a fine line between anti-Semitism and being anti-Israel.

The Democratic Party has become more anti-Israel. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) once stated that Americans who support Israel forget what country they represent. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) stated that “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is a member of the Democratic
Socialists of America (DSA) that uses the anti-Israel slogan: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” calling for Israel to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

The division within the political parties is not lost on some Americans who view this as an opportunity to expand their anti-Semitism. One way to fight this view is to unite under the banner of the party that best supports what we believe in.

Democrats support traditional values

We are American Jews, not registered in a political party, who choose to vote on the merits of the candidate’s stance on America. Our president’s rhetoric of bigotry after Charlottesville, which encouraged anti-Semitism by white supremacists and his use of stereotypes in response to the impeachment leaders are prime examples. Democrats are not to blame for the rise of hatred.

President Trump did move the American embassy in Israel but one item does not reflect his failures. President Barack Obama supplied Israel with the most money and arms than any of his predecessors. He gave a military package 10 times previous ones to last over 10 years.

Democrats have traditional values: respect for the Constitution, three branches of government, the rule of law, a free press, human and reproductive rights of women, living wages, health care, infrastructure, fair taxation, climate change, immigration policies that encourage diversity and education. The Republican rhetoric shows they support a narcissist.

Serious concerns

I attended this event featuring Alexandra Levine of #JEXIT and thought she
addressed very good points for all American Jews to consider. Being a Maryland District 8 resident, I have many serious concerns about Rep. Jamie Raskin’s embrace of fellow Democrats Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who spew anti-Semitism by encouraging BDS and hate of Israel.

Get in step, Mr. Uncapher

MCGOP President Mark Uncapher is completely out of step with President Trump’s Republican Party. Trump is the greatest friend the Jews have ever had in the White House — from moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem to recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan and in Judea and Samaria to his initiatives in protecting Jewish students on college campuses from harassment by anti-Semitic professors and students. The Deal of the Century affirms that Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people. President Trump has again upended political correctness with truth.
Founder and chairman, JewsChooseTrump
Chevy Chase

The main cause of anti-Semitism

The Democratic Party is partly to blame for the rise in anti-Semitism? Uh, you missed the main cause: President Trump’s vicious tweets and speeches.
Asheville, N.C.

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